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November 28/29 mommas

When did we conceive?
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due 11/22 conceived 2/15
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Hmmm ^^^ . Not sure if she thinks she conceived when she had her period???

But no. You conceived 2 weeks after your lmp. For example.  My lmp was Feb 18th. I conceived March 3rd. And due Nov 24tH.

Confused?  Drs count your due date, by your lmP. So another example.  I'm 32 weeks pregnant counting my lmP. But my baby is only 30 weeks. Tisk tisk,  counting you concievd 2 weeks after starting your period.

Drawing a picture:  
a woman starts her period.  Weather Its long short, heavy, spotting, 2 weeks after the first day she started her period. her egg will drop. Only surviving 24hours. Well.. if there are no sperm there to neet her. She will "die" causing the vagina to "shed" neaning?? Two weeks later ???? Period again!!!

Now if there is sperm there waiting on her, or makes its apperance while she is there, ... and everything is great, two weeks later.... positive test!!! Or 1 week later if you do a blood test.

So you dont concieve while on your period. I mean, you can have sex during your period, and sperm xan survive up to 7 days, some longer, so the sperm is just waiting up there for the egg untill it dies. But a egg isnt there while your on your period.
Okay so... we can only ovulate two weeks after, correct? If I was intimate day 6 or 7 would that result in pregnancy? Or would pregnancy have been conceived from when I was intimate day 13 of my cycle? I know for sure ejaculation had occurred cd 13. Day 6/7 was a blurr (drunk night). He didn't finish in me he says; he did it himself and finished on me. Tmi I know, sorry.
Your fine  as I explained about, a males sperm can survive up to 7 days. So... if you had sex 1 week after your lmp, then the sperm can still be up there waiting for your egg to appear.  
So.... in your calendar,  find your lmp. Count 2 weeks from the first day you started, there you will find the day you conceived.   To make it easier, Google "conceive calculator " . You will put in the first day of your lmp. & or your due date there you will find the day you conceived.  

But if your asking due to finding the father, that isn't easy if you had sex with more than one person 2 weeks after your lmp.

woman has sex Feb 14th. starts her period Feb 18th. The man she had sex with on the 14th is not the father. But.... after her period, she had sex with guy B On the 24th, then guy C on the 29th... both of their sperm is still surviving,  she conceives,  on the 3rd of March.. the only way to find the father in that case is a DNA test. Hope this helps!  
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11/22. Conceived the 16th
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Every woman is different.  Not all women ovulate exactly 2 weeks after they start there period.  In fact, more than not, women do not have perfect 28 day cycles with ovulation exactly in the middle.  You may ovulate a couple days early (cd 11 or 12) or right on cd 14 or a couple days after.  Either way, cd 13 is most likely what started your conception.  I received IUI, ovulated within 12 hours of the insemination,  and I know for a fact that's when I conceived.  I wouldn't stress u less the two said dates are with 2 different guys.  Either way, you have to same daddy if it was only him.  Congrats btw.
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