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I hate when people call me "prego"
Like everyone keeps saying "hey prego..."
Like my mom and family and stuff !
Does this make anyone else mad? It just so annoying!
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What is it about it that you dont like?
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It's annoying, but I guess it comes with it all. I get more annoyed with people (aside from my mother and close family/friends) thinking its okay to come up to me and touch my belly. Or being approached by men who think its cute to come and flirt with me while I look like I swallowed a basketball.
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My boyfriends calls me chunky monkey. I have been tiny my whole life. Like 96lds small so the extra weight is funny looking. I dont mind him calling me it when im in.a good mood, but if im not in a good mood I will literally start crying because I feel like he is making fun of me.
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Yeah that is rough! It will pass but it doesn't make it easier now! I am not showing yet but I am terrified of random people touching my belly. Keep toughing it out, it will all be worth it in the end!
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My husband calls me prego I like it. His friends call me fatty I just laugh. It'll be over by next week and I won't be "prego" anymore
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I don't mind prwgo but my bf is Mexican and he calls me gorda which means fat girl!! I told him don't ever call a pregnant woman fat and he says o no in Spanish u can call someone who is pregnant gorda... I don't like that at all:( 2 more weeks to go tho finally no more gorda lol
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With my first I got so annoyed with random people touching my belly that if they even looked like touching me I would usually say something along the lines of 'touch me and I will happily break your fingers' I must have looked deadly serious when saying it because they would snatch thier hand back and very quickly walk away.... Thankfully this one isn't showing as yet so I have a little time before dealing with it!
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Every time I go shopping with my  friend she feels the need to point out random strangers that I'm pregnant! I mean I'm 34 weeks you'd have to be blind or stupid to not know I'm pregnant I just want to tell her to shut the f up and punch her in the face when she does that!!!
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Make a shirt that says" DONT TOUCH THE BELLY!!!" :) I thankfully didnt have lots of people coming up to me to touch my belly but I think it would be a funny shirt. And tell your mom you dont like it. I am sure she will understand. Just tell her it bugs you and you would rather her not call you that. If she has any sense about her she will stop.
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