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Spending time together?

I live with my boyfriend and his family. It's just his mom and little brother, age 12. Before I got pregnant I would always take the little brother out but now that I'm pregnant I usually want my own space. Well, he usually always goes with us everywhere? I'm at the point where it gets annoying. When we go out to walk late at night, the little brother will literally sit outside the door and ask if he can go, even if my boyfriend is in the bathroom.

My dad lives in Arizona and wants to give us a baby shower so we have to travel and is it rude to let my boyfriend know I don't want him to take his little brother? I mean, it's our moment to enjoy the time we have together. I just don't know if he's going to take it wrong or am I just been selfish?
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U have total rights to tell your BF how u feel.But i know.its personal but still telling you if ur love is true than marry him.marriage makes relationship more strong... I know how it feels,i always want to spend time with my husband alone but his family always tag alone oneday I told him what i feel but he didnt give a ****.. not all the boys r same. share with ur boy.U hv rights to tell him.. and ur pregnant now ur mood will swing and i think ur boys knows that... good luck Love
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Not being selfish at all! You deserve space especially something like that to go see your dad in another state. That's between you & your fam, his little brother is going to have to realize once that baby comes, you're going to be all about the baby especially if it's your 1st
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I agree you are definitely not being selfish you deserve binding time with your significant other before the baby comes. But also remember when speaking to him about it you are taking about his family and be very sensitive to that. It sounds like the brother isn't doing anything wrong he just likes being around you. But again you do need your space, so sit down your boyfriend in a very non aggressive and sincere way and let him know that the time you spend with him right now is important and you just want a little bit of space from the brother. Then both of you sit down with the brother and tell him you love him very much and like spending time with him but sometimes you need alone time. If you address it in a mature sincere way you should be fine. But don't address it when you are upset or feed up because it won't come out right
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Selfish! Beacause If You Created A Bond With This Child And Now Sence Your Pregnant Your "Annoyed" Then It Was Never A Real Bond, The Mother And Child Took You In You Shouldn't Be Annoyed By Anyone Cause Thats Not Your House To Be Annoyed By Anything.
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Not selfish at all. Just because they took you in or even offered out of the kindness of their heart doesn't mean you have to accept by giving up your privacy. A lil kid can get annoying no matter if you love them or not. I dealt with the same thing ands speaking up is always best. Your house or not if your annoyed and pregnant and they don't care or realize than they are the ones being inconsiderate and selfish. Your own person entitled to feel that way, any damn way you pls. He is young still won't realize or care so speak to your man in that sweet yet demanding way;)
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How is she being selfish if they tookher in? Just because she lives with them doesnt mean she has to spend every waking second with his brother and his family she needs a bit of alone time and they should understand that and I do the same thing with my boyfriends brother he gets on my nerves now more that im pregnant then he did before and its not because we didnt have a real bond its because more things bother me now. I dont think youre being selfish at all just tell your boyfriend you need some quality time without his little brother and explain why he should understand completecompletely.
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