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Tips for breastfeeding? And advice for clogged milk duct?

I had my son 3 days ago.  And I have been trying to breastfeed. We'll my milk hasn't exactly came in all the way yet. I do try to put my son on my breast first, he will go for about 10-15 minutes and then I give him a bottle. As for today my boobs are super hard, and he won't latch. I've pumped 3 times today and got a total of 4.5oz from both breast together.
How else can I try to get my milk to come and to produce alot? I'm eating every hour in half or so. I'm drinking water 60oz the minimum a day. I also have this hard ball under my left armpit that showed up **** morning.. It hurts to touch I'm thinking its a clogged milk duct? I was reading a little on them. I got one with my daughter and it stayed even after I breastfeed her?.... An now with my son its the same exact one its just gotten a little bigger and harder. Its like the size of a golf ball? You can't see it when I have my arms down but when I put my arm up its very noticeable.  Is it normal ? Should I be worried ? How can I get it to go down? I try not to worry about it so much but its kinda of a big stresser to me...
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go see a lactation consultant for sure
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You are producing more than enough for a 3 day old. Feed on demand, at least 10 minutes each boob. Put a hot rag on your boob and massage the knots out. Pump after your baby eats. Stop the bottle and offer boob way more. Like every 1.5 hrs until the knots go away. You need to be feeding way more for a newborn that young.
And if you pump and feed the breast milk that way you need to pump after you give the bottle also. Breast milk is supply and demand you need to keep that demand up
I forgot to mention I breastfed for two years and I am a wet nurse. So if you have questions you can message me also
I'm having a real hard time with him latching. I dont know why but he will only do maybe 5-8 sucks on my boobs. I have tried multiple times to get him on but he won't latch to either boob. I dont know if there to big or hard for him but its not like it was when we were in the hospital. But after he is on my boob I have to hurry and pump cause my boobs start leaking and I'll get maybe 4oz or if I'm a lucky a little more from both boobs.
He may not be getting enough of your areola in his mouth causing a bad latch. I would schedule an appointment with the hospitals lacatiaion consultant their services are free and have her look at his latch.
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Take a hot shower it makes the milk come out faster and unclogs it.
I've been taking hot baths and putting a hot rag under my armpit and massaging it. When I massage it my boobs leak but it doesn't seem to go away any or get smaller ?
Once your baby gets to it, it'll go away. Just get rid of all bottles. Don't give him a bottle for any reason, unless absolutely neccessary.
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I had a similar problem with my son until i completely dropped the bottle and stuck to breastfeeding. I was told it's because with the breast, the sucking makes the milk come down, but after a little while and with the bottle the baby gets milk immediately, which makes the child not want to work at the breast for very long. Therefore giving up after 4-5 sucks. It takes some work, but once the bottle is completely gone, they get the hang of the breast. My son ended up breast feeding until a little over 3 yrs old. Something i really didn't think was going to happen at first.

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You need to just keep feeding anf feeding, pumping and giving bottles will give you an over supply causing the lumps. Express the first little bit with your hand so you arentas engorged and just keep feeding. Join a few groups on favebook, yummy mummy breastfeeding page is fab. They will offer you so much advice x
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If your baby is lip tied or tongue tied he will have problems latching on to the breast. I am not saying that your baby has this just making you aware of the condition. My daughter had trouble latching on I never knew why until the doctor told me that she was tongue tied.
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I still can't get him to latch but I have been trying to pump every hour in s half or so , so I can give him what I pumped. Is there anything else I can try? I'm getting stressed out that he won't latch and I feel like its making worse cause I feel like he can sense it ?

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