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What is wrong with people!

I commented in someone elses post about this. Yesterday near Toronto a 2 year old boy was found dead in the family car. He had been left in the car all day. It reached 32 degrees celceus here in Ontario yesterday- I don't know what that is in ferinheight but it was hot! The little boy was in the care of his 50 year old  grandmother at the time. What is wrong with people! How could you even forget a baby in a car??? The kicker is that no one has even been charged!
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i have no idea because i've been up for DAYS on end..literally, with both of my kids.. i've never forgot them anywhere, ever, never even almost.. i would notice the second i walked away if i ever did because you should notice something is missing as a parent.. maybe not an old grandma but def. a parent.. and if the grandma is that old and forgetful she wouldnt be watching my kids. def. should be neglect charges at least!!! i always call and check on my kids alllllll day long if they are with any of my family members being watched anyway.
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I live just outside of Toronto and when I heard this on the news it made me sick to my stomach. Im with you. I don't know how anyone could forget a child. I mean if you brought the child with you into the car how the heck do you forget to take them back out with you?!?! So disturbing that this happens more often than you'd think.
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From my readings on this story, it is appearing that the child got into the car himself and most likely couldn't get out. It is very tragic, and a 100% preventable death of an innocent child. On July 2nd, 4 children were taken out of vehicles in Edmonton, they were all alive thankfully.

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