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I'm into astrology a bit. I just mostly like reading about different signs and characteristics.
Im getting induced tonight and looks like I'll be having my baby April 22. So that means I will have a baby Taurus im so happy! Taurus is very sweet, smart, loves art, being outside, loves to eat, musical, likes nice things, loves outdoors all kinds of good things :)
Has anyone done a zodiac check on their baby to see what their baby will be like?
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OMG... I thought I was the only one. I am so Happy to having a Taurus. I was praying I didn't go in Labor prior to April 19, which is an Aries.

Taurus Baby Boys are extremely affectionate and will forever be Mama's Boys.

My other 2 sons are both Gemini's.  And I'm a Libra♥
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Thats funny I was praying I wouldn't go into labor and have an Aries too not that Aries is bad lol but id rather have a Taurus my dads a Taurus and he is awesome! Wow 2 Gemini's?
That could be a handful lol im a Gemini but we get along very well with Libra :)
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I'm a Libra my son should be a Taurus as well thought I was the only one who looked up on the zodiac signs
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I think its fun reading about it. And for the most part its true what u read. So looks like we are all having a Taurus lol lucky us! Im just not looking forward to baby being stubborn lol the bull is very stubborn.  :)
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Oh yes I can already tell my little man is a stubborn one its his way or no way lol we're going to work on that
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Im hoping my babies are born leo's & not virgos just because I'm a leo & so is my dad. It'll be fun to see how we all get along since both my father & I are stubborn in our own way lol
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I love leo's! My husband is a leo and he is awesome! So generous, smart, he spoils us:) so hard working
But does have a bad temper if u upset him he turns from kitty cat to roaring lion! But if I cry he's back to purring and being nice :)
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Haha yup that's a leo for you. Im the exact same way. Someone can **** me off so bad at the moment but I just cant stay mad at em. I'm also always willing to help out everybody & anybody in any possible way even if it does bite me in the rear later on in the future or don't receive the same lending hand... smh
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Yes!!! my baby is going to be a Taurus !! due May 24th. Her dad is a Taurus also lol… I'll have 2 Taurus's and i'm a scorpio...
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My bf is an Aries and im a Gemini and our daughter is due next monday so im assuming she will be a Taurus?
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I'm a Taurus!! I really hope baby will decide to come a little early so he can be a Taurus, too. Lol His due date is May 25th and the cutoff for being one is May 21st! Here's to hoping lol!  
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oh it is may 20th!!!! I hope she come on the 20th lol
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Yes Courtney sounds like you will have a baby Taurus :) I was talking to my son while taking him to school right now and I told him all about what the zodiac says, and said I read baby Taurus likes to hit, punch n kick so were gonna have to put him in karate or something lol I said he will be doing MMA when hes like 5 lmao ;)
Alaina would you say you and Taurus get along good? My mom is Scorpio and dad is Taurus they get along my son is Scorpio im Gemini we get along but bump heads too alot of it has to do that I was 16 When I got pregnant w him hes 18 so we kinda act like brother n sister bickering n being silly w each other but the good thing is he does know when im not playing and he respects me and still asks for permission to do things but thing about Scorpio is if u **** them off boy do they sting!
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Hi..  people wid number 4 are strugglers.. I don't wanna let u down but those ppl struggle in their lifes no 1/2/3. Are d best nos....
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Ha?! ↑
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U r planning 22 so if u add 2+2 its 4 n u mentioned u into astrology so just sharing wid u...
I have known ppl wid no 4 n they have struggled n r struggling..
Sorry dont want to discourage u..just sharing if u can make it 23
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Oh I think you are referring to numerology? I think im a 1 hmm I'll have to look into that...
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^^ Wid?
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Yes.. Oops I don't wanna scare u or something..dont take me wrong...  all d best... Best wishes
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I cant understand you....
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Actually my baby will be a number 6
The way you are describing is wrong the right way to get his life number is like this
Add those together
break down the 1 and 5 and his life path number is a 6
1+5= 6
and life path number 6 is actually very good :)

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