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anyone get hurtful criticism of your baby's name?

hi girls, maybe it's the hormones talking but i am having a hard time with the way that my mother-in-law has reacted to our choice in baby name.  i don't expect everyone to love the name skye, but my husband and i put a lot of thought and heart into this name.  if you don't like it, i feel like you should keep your mouth shut!  my sister-in-law overheard my mother-in-law mocking my baby's name at my own shower!  she heard her telling one of my husband's aunts how much she hated the name and then was making gagging sounds.  

i just needed to get this off of my chest...i must be having a hormonal day because i am sitting here bawling my eyes out about it!!  
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Aww.... don't take it to heart.  My husband and I love the names Lily and Jack and my own mother shared her disdain for those names!  I love her very much, but told her that if she didn't like the names we picked out, that we would appreciate her keeping her thoughts to herself.  She understood and apologized.  Maybe when you are around all of the family, you can say something like... "I know not everyone here would choose the name Skye, but it is a name that (your husbands name) and I really like.  So, as always, please be considerate... and if you don't share our same appreciation for the name, that is fine.  But, please refrain from sharing your thoughts with other family members."  That will give everyone the hint that you know something was said without putting your mother in law on the spot.  Sorry she hurt your feelings... my husband and I also like the name Skye.  I think it is really peaceful!
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UGH!! I hate people sometimes! **** them and their opinions. People often have a terrible habit of not thinking before speaking. That's their problem, not yours. Don't let it get you down, it's not worth it!! And shame on them for even sharing their opinion at all - it's not like it matters!

And by the way, for what it's worth I think Skye is a beautiful name!!

PS) Congrats - you're getting close! I'm just a bit behind you. :)
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ovaz-thank you!  i will do that.  i'd love to call her out on it and that would be a nice way of doing it, without being completely rude.  plus, it will let her know that she hurt my feelings and that the baby's name is special because we picked it for her.

babydreams-thanks!!  it just feels good to have some validation of my feelings!  yea, we are almost there!!  so hard to believe!!  :-)
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I love the name Skye. It is what is what I want to name my child. It is beautiful...it is your child and you name it whatever you want to. no matter what, your child will be showered in love no matter what the name may be and that is all that matters...
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I think this is a pretty common thing.  I know I have seen posts on here about not telling people the name of the baby until it is born for this exact reason.  I know with my cousins I (and the rest of the family) didnt like either of the names but when they were born and I saw them, the names fit perfectly.  I think the rest of my family would agree that they like the names now too.  It is your baby and you are the one who has to love the name.  Do not change the name for anyone!  PS...I love it!
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thank you girls!  i think i just needed to hear someone say that!  
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