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cant take it anymore

Im 32w3d and I feel bad for saying this, but I cant take this pregnancy anymore. The past 2 weeks I have been feeling so horrible. I cant be on my feet, when I am for even a hour then I sit i get this horrible pain/cramp on my hips and lower back. I try to get back up and its a struggle, I could barely walk. My feet are swollen 24/7 that it literally hurts, I could only lift my legs a few inches of the floor. When I lay down is the same specially in the morning when I wake up or anytime during the night if am switching positions or going for a bathroom brake. There is nothing I can do to make me feel comfortable.

Im just so over it, every time I go out there is atleast 1 person that asks me when I am due and when I tell them October they cant believe it. They either tell me that I am about to pop or if am sure am not having twins.
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Hang in there mama. Im having a csection on the 25tg and im extremely uncomfortable. Dont feel bad for wanting it to be over! And im with you. From about my six month I had the same reaction... twins? No, u sure? aarrrg get away! :-)
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I'm 33w4d and started feeling this way last week too, I work six hour shifts, constantly on my feet and my ankles are giant by the end of the night, my feet/legs constantly hurt and nothing seems to help, I sleep with my feet propped on pillows and it partially helps with the swelling but not much, hang in there and stay strong, these last few weeks will fly by, enjoy the better parts of pregnancy towards the end, as I feel I'll miss my baby kicking inside me. Good luck! And stay strong for the baby
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Hang In There. I'll Keep You In My Prayers And I Feel The Same Way Some Times & I'm Only 14 Weeks. Think Of Your Blessing.
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What does your doctor say?  Are you having symptoms of pre-eclampsia?  If you're really swollen all over and can't really move,  it's a real concern.

But if you're just having normal symptoms of late pregnancy,  this is prep for motherhood.  You have to give yourself over to your baby,  and sacrifice.  

Best wishes.  
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As previous poster says, if you're actually having trouble moving that is not normal in pregnancy. Please bring to the attention of your doctor as it's certainly not a normal pregnancy symptom. Good luck.
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I will be seeing my doctor this thursday and I am going to brng it up. Last time I saw I was not feeling like this. It just came out of no where. This is my second pregnancy, my first was so easy. I know there are aches that come with it, but to me I just feel like Im going to have this baby soon. With my oldest I had her 2 weeks earlier, she turned 5 years old yesterday.
I do not think I have pre-clampsia, every time I am seen by my OB every thing its normal. What has me worried is the pain I get that makes it really hard to walk. I am still working not as often as I use to. My fiancee works full time, and Im home with my 5 year old, its just really tough.
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