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colored eyes

Hi i have a question .
When i had my first child she came out with colored eyes. I have brow eyes but my grandma has blue eyes. And my husband has brown eyes but his dad has green eyes. My baby was born with blue/green eyes. I am pregnant with my second child and i keep wondering... will this baby also have colored eyes???... im still surised that my first had coored eyes. Any one have advise?
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Most likely Brown. I have hazel, my mom has hazel and my dad has blue, my husband has brown his dad has brown and his mom has blue. My first came out with brown eyes and my second has hazel.
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I have dark brown eyes and my husband has green. My son has hazel. I'm surprised he didn't have brown eyes since mine are so dark, even my hair is dark almost black. My son has brown hair like his dad, not dark like mine. I even have olive skin that tans super easy. My husband has more fair skin and so does my son. He doesn't soak up the sun like I do. He gets red and freckles Lol.so I have no clue what will go on with this new baby lol
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You can't know. There are genetic statistics depending in recessive and dominant genes. Brown is dominant so it is more likely that if oatnts have brown eyes the children will have brown eyes. Its really pretty rare that if you both have brown your kid had blue or green. I can't remember the rules on that and how the statistics are related to grandparent eye color. You can look up genetic traits if you are interested in the specific chances.
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Statistically speaking 25 percent of your children should have green/blue eyes since you both have a recessive gene as well as a dominant.
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Majority Caucasian babies come out with blue eyes and then later they change to the color theyll be for life. :)
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I have brown eyes as does my bf. Our 1st was born with brown eyes, our 2nd had green, (both my mother and bfs mother have green eyes). By 6 months his eyes turned hazel and now at 10months they are brown.
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Pretty much the only for sure one is if you anf your partner have blue eyes because then the baby will have blue as well. Since blue is a recessive gene, if a parent has blue eyes that means they do not have a brown eye gene at all. So 2 blue eyed parents will produce a blue eyed baby since neither would have the brown eyed gene.
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But if say you both have brown eyes but someone in your family has blue then there would be a possibility that the baby could have blue do to the brown being dominant and blue being recessive. My mother for instance has brown/hazel eyes and my dad has blue. I have blue eyes. So that means my mother has a recessive blue gene. If she didn't then I would have brown/hazel eyes since brown dominates blue.
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Wow thanks i guess we will just have to wait and see! My first baby also came out very light skined and very light kinda dirty blond hair in the light it looks yellow so since her eyes are blue everyone thinks she is a white baby. But are always confused that her parents have darker skin and brown eyes lol. I tell everyone that she is just my special baby <3 since i had an ectopic pregnancy wth my very first .! Maleah is a blessing to us!! Thanks for all the advise. Im just curious lol
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