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conflicting advice between OBGYN and GP :( sorry long post!!

hi ladies!
So I'm really confused about conflicting messages I'm getting between my OBGYN and General Practitioner and I just want to know who to believe.

I am 24 weeks with my 1st child. I am overweight, but young and healthy. I exercise and eat right, but I've always struggled with my weight but it has never been an issue with any of my doctors because I'm active. I do have a history of type 2 diabetes in my family, so I was really worried about GD because of my weight and family history. Since becoming pregnant I lost 10 pounds due to severe morning sickness but haven't gained a pound since then. I started having pelvic pain at 13 weeks, so the hospital did an ultrasound and my daughter was measuring 1 week ahead but they decided to be conservative and only moved my due date up by 2 days. My family has a history of large babies, and so does my husband's family (he and his brothers were all over 10lbs).

Because of my concern about GD, I did an early glucose test at 14 or 15 weeks, I passed with flying colors and my Dr said she wouldn't test again unless I started showing sugar in my urine. At this point my Dr was concerned that I wasn't gaining weight and kept asking me if I was dieting which I would never do.

At my 19 week ultrasound my daughter was measuring 2 weeks ahead, but because I had an early ultrasound they didn't change my due date.

At my OBGYN appointment after the ultrasound my girl was still measuring  2-3 weeks ahead and my OBGYN was excited about it. She said it was normal to measure big and that it means that my baby is getting all the nutrients she needed. I mentioned how my Dr was worried about my not gaining weight and the OBGYN told me because of my size she is glad I haven't gained any and would like me to gain less than 15lbs but would be happy if I continued not to gain. The OBGYN said that I should get another GD test again though. My OBGYN them said because I carry my extra weight in my butt and thighs that I'm still considered low risk so she won't need to see me as much and my care can continue with my Dr.

Today, I saw my GP and my GP got really worried about my daughter measuring big and said it could be extra fluid, and said if she continues to measure big then she wants to do another ultrasound to make sure it's not excess amniotic fluid. She then lectured me again about not dieting and again expressed concern about me not gaining any weight. My GP keeps jokimg that "there will be nothing left of you by the end of this pregnancy if you keep not gaining". I did my research and excess fluid only happens in 1% of pregnancies and is usually caused by multiples, diabetes, or birth defects like cleft palate or down's.

I just don't know what to think, my OBGYN doesn't want me to gain weight and thinks my daughter measuring 2-3 weeks ahead is normal, and a good sign, but that GD might be the only thing I have to worry about. My GP thinks that I should gain weight and that my baby measuring a few weeks ahead is a bad thing. I just don't know who to believe. I know in my head that the blood tests for birth defects came back normal, that I'm definitely not carrying multiples, there were no markers for down's and that my previous glucose test was good and as of this  morning my urine is clear of sugar. I also know that excess fluid usually doesn't start showing until 30 weeks.

I guess my question is, how common is measuring ahead? Should I be worried about excess fluid? Excess fluid has some pretty serious complications and I just don't want to freak myself out over nothing, but I don't want to not prepare myself if it is something I should worry about.
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I would trust your OBGYN. Its their specialty. GP have experience with pregnancy but they don't spend every day constantly working with pregnant woman. Plus it is common if you're considered overweight to not gain much during pregnancy. My friend has 4 children and lost weight with all of them. They all came out big and healthy!
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Ok as soon as I became pregnant my OB became my GP. I am also overweight but extremely healthy. Initially lost weight and didn't gain any until I was 24 weeks. I am 27 weeks and have gained 7 lbs. I am measuring a week ahead as well, my husband and I make big babies. My doc only wants me to gain a total of 10 to 15 pounds. OB'S know their job. They had extra schooling for their specialty and have seen more pregnant women than a GP. Trust your OB.
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Trust your obgyn they specialize in this area. I'm overweight but healthy and have only gained 2lbs and my gp was the same as yours verses my ob. I am also measuring ahead and neither care at all. But I'd stick with what your ob is saying
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I agree... You have too many cooks in the kitchen. Trust your OB and maybe limit your visits to the GP? Unless you have abnormal medical conditions, your OB should be your GP for now.
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I agree with go with your OB.  However at the same time my GP has been practicing medicine for over 30 years and actually delivered me so i tend to trust him a bit more! My OB is my age but i am confident in her. (Havent seen my OB yet thus pregnancy and wont until about 33 weeks) I think experience plays a huge part.  
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I'd trust the obgyn. If you're overweight you're only supposed to gain between 15 and 20 pounds depending on pre-pregnancy weight. Some babies are just big, if the obgyn is not worried, everything is probably fine. My friend has 4 kids they were all 10 pounds or more at birth and measured big throughout pregnancy. They all were born healthy.
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Yes, trust your obgyn.
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Thank you so much for your input! Yeah in my city there's limited resources medically so your GP treats you until around 22 weeks when they refer you to an OBGYN to assess whether you're high risk. If you're high risk you continue with the OBGYN, but if you're low risk you're sent back to your GP until around 30 weeks when they start measuring your cervix.

So that's why I was sent back to my GP. I'm sure everything is fine, I know I've been being healthy, so if I'm doing what I'm supposed to and not gaining then if can't be a bad thing because I'm doing what's recommended. And my 4'11 90 pound Grandma pushed out a bunch of 9 pound babies who grew up to be giant 6'5 men. My Mom also had big babies. And my MIL said all of her sons were over 10lbs and all ofof them measured ahead, especially my husband. So I'm sure my little girl is just big like her uncles. Thanks for the reassurance!
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With my first i never gained any weight. Baby was jusr under 7 pds and my gynae did monitor me but he eventually said that with every visit the baby was gaining weight and healthy so nothing to worry about
Currently 32weeks with 2nd boy and i have actually lost weight
Baby is measuring 2wks ahead consistently
my gynae says that most women gain weight but some lose
As long as bsby is gaining weight and i am fine then nothing to worry about
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Trust your ob because if you do your research most doctors don't want you to gain more than 15 pounds if you are overweight.  I am overweight and that what my doctor said.  I didn't gain weight until I was 24wks.  At first I lost 20 pounds.  You have to choose which one you trust the most and that need to be who you see the most.
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