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getting insecure? or what??

So, let me start by saying this is a random rant:

So I'm 25 years old,  2 children,  6 & 2 & currently 36 weeks along. & I look darn good if I do day so my self, small waste (not pregnant ) big booty and slim, but thick thighs,  & I'm pretty, with naturally curly thick black hair.  I have never been insecure!!  Ever!!"

Now for my rant, my husband & I have been together for 8 years, married for 6. All of my children are his (just to give you dome background )

& today during trick or treating with our children,  I catch him looking at another woman's behind! I know I know he's a man. He didn't stair, just looked and turned his head towards me, and boomb, there I am eyes already on him. Normally I'd laugh this off, I mean cmon I glance at a attractive man,  we are human!  But why all of a sudden am I mad!!!!

Boiling mad!"" & with out thinking,  once we got home I went off!! Wahhaa??  This isn't Me?? He left for work just a little while ago. & I'm sitting here, looking at my self & almost in tears? & the woman really didn't look that good, so what is wrong? Hormones??  

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Waist ** ugh made too many mistakes, just look over those Lol
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Yes i believe that at the 3rd trimester we are just tired and overwhelmed that stuff affects us easily. But what we forget is that being pregnant makes us look so much beautiful than what we realized it.

Its just crazy how I never felt this way with my other two pregnancies,  . I mean I'm the one pregnant or not, whom looks at her self before leaving the house like "ohh yeahhhhh that's me " Lol but this is crazy I turned into a witch : -/ all hateful,  jealous?  Whatthaa??
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We all have those moments he just slipped up at the wrong time. I would chop it up to hormones... Just think you will be back to your old body soon...
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Same thing happened to me but when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I was so upset.... I cried.the thing was that he didn't look at the lady. The lady looked at him and that's how I knew he was a catch and could leave if he wanted to. Luckily he is not like that. My hormones have been hot and cold. I believe we are all a bit more vulnerable when we are pregnant. I laugh about that incident now but if I saw the lady again. I would probably go off on her for looking at him. Lol.
Good luck girly.
Woman look at my husband all the time, I just smile say hi and wave. Lol as a couple we are a "piece" as some call it. We are both attractive ppl. And as I mentioned,  my self esteem is pretty high. Vain I believe is the word Lol, so if I do see him catching a glance at another woman, I'll comment like oh she's pretty,  oh I like her shirt, OMG what perfume are you wearing!  Lol cause it doesn't bother me. But yesterday idk my brain had a short fuse, something!!  

This morning I woke up to two roses,  and a note saying  " I'm sorry I hurt your feelings, " & some other personal words. Sooo I feel better Lol
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I feel you on that!  I'm 36 weeks also and zapping over NOTHING. Some days it's soooo in my head he's talking to someone else I can't get it off my mind for the life of me. Not having sex for...  33+ weeks will mess with your head too.
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