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is anyone 15 an pregnant?

I'm fifteen an having a baby ,
Before anyone says anything ,
I'm sure I've heard it all before
Well, things are tough at this age an having a baby adds but I'm keeping it the way i cried the first picture i got i knew i just new i could never let my baby go, heres the thing im so young an have all these plans but my parents may not support them well i have two moms there not gay lol one is birth mom the other is the one i consider my mom her names myriam i call her mom but for this I'll call her myriam, so myriam she might understand but its the other im worried about so my birth mom got 247$ for me because im pregnant along with ssi that money should be going to me an my baby but what its going for is drugs an cigarettes ik ik get help but if i move out an get taken away i won't be able to raise my baby with the dad an i wanna raise my baby with his or her father so im hanging in there even when it hurts sometimes but I'm thinking about making a case so i can be in charge of my own cash assistance so i can be in charge of my own food stamps so i won't have to worry about how im gonna afford the baby stuff any ideas tips hints anything im also planning on taking the ged test july 1st on my bday
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Look into getting emancipated. I don't know where you are state wise and the laws in that state but I think you can get emancipated bc you are having a baby. The only problem is I think you would have to move out and maybe in with baby daddy or boyfriend. Once you get emancipated you will legally be looked at as an adult. Taking care of your own money, food, everything. It'll be like your 18+ living on your own as an adult. Good luck hun! Age is just a number!
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Get emancipated,  I did at 16 and then married my husband of 12 yrs at 17, not that I'm telling u to get married. Then your mom has no say over anything. The down side is you have to get your own job and insurance and so on.
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At 15 you can apply for a work permit if that'll help.
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First kudos to you, for wanting to get it together, meaning everything the dad, assistance, your schooling. Second is there either a friend or relative or somewhere for a teen to go that is pregnant. Not being nosy but where ever you live there may be a place.
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I was also 15 when i had my first baby. In our country people will judge you if you are teen and pregnant. During my time, i also heard alot from my family and friends. They judged me, downgraded me and spread alot of gossips about me. But that ain't matter. I fell inlove with my baby the first time i saw her on ultrasound. Now i'm already 21 and expecting another bundle of joy. My first child is now turning 6 and is everyones source happiness. You can make it momma! I also supported for my self before and received very few help from others. It was a bit hard at first but things will go smoothly when you already have your baby.
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I'm 15 about to be 16 single mommy
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If you are close to your baby's father side of the family, talk to the mom and explain your situation. Maybe she can help some way, maybe she can offer room and board until the baby come or until you graduate. Let her know that if you move in, you are planning to finish school, find a job and be able to support yourself and your baby the best way that you can,

If you can contact your local county welfare office and talk to a social worker about getting your own case and help to move into a low income house or transitional housing for mothers.
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I want to command you on your strength and determined personality. You are a strong girl and will make an amazing mum to your little one. I am over in the UK and had you been here you would have had so many facilities to help you so unfortunately I cannot be much help. But i admire you and your determination to make things work in what seems to be a very differently situation. God bless you and take good care of yourself. I will pray for you. Keep us updated, wish you, baby and future daddy all the best x
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