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just wondering

Did any of you just go to the hospital and got induced? No pain, no contractions, just because they couldn't wait any longer?
I have 4 days til my due date this is my first baby and I still have not dilated. I had strong contractions this past Tuesday but they just haven't got any stronger. I've been walking alot and having sex and nothing. I have tried nipple stimulation and still I haven't seen any results. I'm getting impatient :/
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No you can't go to the hospital and just ask to be induced. An appointment has to be set up by your doctor.
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For my daughter she was my first baby and the only reason I was induced was because my water level was low so they told me to come back the next day on 12/14 the day she was due aHershey was born 12/15. You might be induced but you still feel pain and contractions I had the epidural too and that helped.
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Lol uh what...? Just because you get induced doesn't mean you don't have contractions and pain ....infact for most women getting induced hurts more because it's an all of a sudden intense pain insteadof nornal labor when you build up to it. Also you can't just walk in and say uh yeah I'm sick of being pregnant please induce me now....They only induce you if your over ( unless you or the baby is on danger). And it requires an appointment which they won't schedual until your like a week overdue.
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I did, I got checked ten times which sent me in to labor. Five before I was" officially admitted to the hospital". It actually causes more pain.
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Uhh I'm getting induced tonight at 9! I'm 39 weeks... No problems... Nothing I just don't want to wait for labor I am a widowed mom of 3 this is #4. And being induced is so easy compared to waiting for actual labor
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When you are induced you don't know how it will.will go.  You may be in labour for 3 days straight. I had a friend who felt nothing and then had 1 hour of labour. It really wasn't nice though. She teared all the way up and was in so much pain afterwards she couldn't even hold her baby. Definitely just wait for your baby to come when it is ready.
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I'm getting impatient because I want to meet my daughter already... I just have 4 more days to go for my due date and I am worried because I have not dilated. I thought that by now I would atleast be 1cm dilated but no. I didn't want to have to get induced but it's probably going to happen anyways.
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I know it is hard to be patient but try not to fret....baby alyssa will come when she is ready. It is normal for a mom to go past the due date with there first pregnancy. Trying to make the baby come before she is ready can cause stress on her which isnt good. Be happy that you have been able to carry her this long :-) not everyone is that lucky to carrya baby to term. This is my 6th baby im pregnant with and i never make it past 36 weeks and actually lost one at 32 weeks. Just try to be patient, you will see her precious little face soon enough :-)
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Same here. I still have 4 days before my due and I feel a lot of braxton hicks and pelvic presssure but still im waiting for the real labor or water break or mucous plug. I also feel impatient here coz im having a hard to time to sleep amd walk. And I also did everything like going up and down the stairs, more walks, drink pineapple, sex, nipple stimulation, etc. I dont know the baby will decide when she wants to come out. I know how you feel. Im also desperate to try anything.
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