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severe anaemia

Hello! I just had the results of blood test and i am very anaemic, 2940000. :( I am 25 weeks. And i am very concerned how will be my baby and I for the other  coming weeks. Does anyone have the same problem? What did you do? Pls help me i am very worried.
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Did your dr prescribe iron pills?    Eating meat will help too
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I went to hospital several weeks ago and found out I was severely anemic. The Dr. Gave me a prescription For iron pills, and stool softeners since The iron pills can make You constipated.  She had Also gave me Some phenergen Because They made me nauseous. So everyday I'd take three of each pill a day, except For The phenergen I'd only take a half of The pill each time. After a couple days of taking them I started to Get my energy back a little, less throwing up and was able to eat more and felt a little better in general. No more headaches,stuff like That.  But once I ran out of phenergen The pills made me throw up All day. It was horrible and I could not deal So I stopped taking them and started to eat more foods That were rich in fiber. I am still doing That and everything seems to be good So far. So I'd suggest a high iron diet and drinking lots of water. And If You do take iron pills It may be good to get stool softeners as Well. I was told That If I was still really anemic by The time I give birth I'd probably need blood transfusions,  be really weak from blood loss Which would cause me to have a hard time pushing,may cause Some issues with The baby and cause a emergency c section etc.  So I'd say That getting a good amount of iron Is very important.  But You will definitely start to notice When your levels are going back up Because You will feel It!
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Take them pills
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Take ur pills and eat iron enriched foods everyday. Chili beans or beans period are great in iron. Spinach/raw is better but u can cook it.
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Thank you ! :)
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Tail you will be fine and your anemia will not cause severe blood loss. Vitamin K deficiency prevents clotting from occurring and that is what leads to blood loss in the absence of other reasons for hemorrage.

If they have prescribed iron pills then you are anemic, but you are going to be okay. Just take as prescribed. Remember you will have more energy and your brain will be clearer if you take your iron. Anemia means you can't carry as much oxygen in your blood, causing fatigue and mind fuzziness.

They do not do "Blood Transfusion" for anemia. For people like myself who have gastrointestinal issues that prevent iron absorption from oral supplements, they send us for Iron Infusion....IV DELIVERY Of Iron TO veins....I had to do 8 in my first trimester, and am 33 weeks now, having done 4 more in my 2/3 trimester. Praying it's enough to get me through to end....Each treatment cost my insurance $900 per visit....I paid $125.00 for each one out of pocket.

Take your iron pills as prescribed! You will be fine

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