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time going by slow??? how about we talk about something else.

While we are all very eager for our babies to arrive,  watching the clock can definitely slow things down.

So lets talk about things we are looking forward to in our pregnancys ,

As for my self? Halloween!!  I have already started putting up my Halloween decorations,  and started searching online for costume idea's   for our children.  
Thanksgiving,  already started my invite list,  can't wait to have our little one home, family around with the fire place lit!

Those are just some big events I'm looking forward to to kinda take my mind off labor, pregnancy,  counting down days!! Lol how about you ladies? Any big events coming up?
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I am looking forward to my court date one week before my c-section. I am taking my exhusband back to court because my teenager doesn't want to go over there every other weekend. He is missing out on school events and wants to get a job.

I am also looking forward to Halloween. The baby will be born before than but I have my toddlers costume already. Actually, it was his brother's costume from when he was his age. He is going to be "Nemo". It is a big fish you wear around your waist like a tire and hooks on like overalls. It is really cute. 12 years ago I paid $100 for it.

I am kind of looking forward to Thanksgiving, but I need to have my gallbladder out. I am on such a special diet with no fat, no dairy, no beef, no pork. So thanksgiving, I can have a little turkey and veggies. No potatoes or gravy. Plus I have gestational diabetes so have to watch my sugar and carbs, no pie.
Yes I remember your situation from reading on here: -( suck about the food!  All in all eventually all this will be in the past.

As you know I have GD as well, so I hope & pray after pregnancy is go's away for us!!  
Thank you. How is your GD going? I have a hard time keeping my blood sugar above 50. How is your cold?
My sugar has been OK. Instead of checking 4 × a day it's down to two. Which sounds good?? And the cold is gone (woot) no more peeing my self which is always a plus!!!! Lol thank you for asking!!  
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I am looking forward to my first ultrasound. So excited !
This is EXCITING!!!!
Awesome!!!  Sounds like you have a long way to go!! Lol I have 7 weeks left until I get induced: -)
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My "youngest" older brother is coming to visit me next weekend! Can't wait! He's never been to NYC and I get to take my niece and nephew on their first train ride <3 and when they get here that will make half a month has gone by!
That sounds awesome!!  Most of my family live in NY!!  (A lot of italians ) my husband,  and I + our babies are visiting my  family next summer!!!  I hope you have a great time with your family!!  
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I am looking forward to actually taking a pregnancy test for the assurance that I am expecting this week!! I've had signs that give me the hope of it being positive but it would be nice to still see it.
I see: -) I hope the best outcome: -)

I ment more for this post to be for the remaining days/ weeks in pregnancy.  Buutt I guess this works too: -)

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Love this! We definitely need to keep our minds off the countdown for a bit cus I know for me its driving me crazy how slow its going. I'm also looking forward to Halloween , I will be making or attempting to make everyone in my familys costume this year. And thanksgiving!! Omg I want thanks giving to be here already because then my countdown really starts from there and this year the hubby and I are gonna attempt to host the family dinner also and hopefully it turns out good. It will be our first time trying to do a turkey. The only bad thing I have that's going on right now that's causing me so much stress and anxiety is I have a custody battle coming up. My ex/baby daddy after 7 years of separation and him being an absent father and a really bad person finally decided that he wants to be a dad and took me to court to get joint custody of my kids. My kids don't really know him and are afraid of him because he's abusive so they need counseling and such. Its so much drama and negativity I don't need right now but sadly its happening. Good luck to you
Oh my... he's been out of the picture that long. I don't see them giving him any rights tbh.  

My sisters boyfriend tried the same with his son in the relationship prior to her. Except his mother has his kid.

The mother gave up custody,  he was in prison so his mother took the child in. When he got out he went through the whole getting his life together thing, tried seeing his son but their relationship isn't the best.  So he got sick of it and took his mother to court

The court declined full custody to hIM. They questioned where he's been for the last 3 years of the child's life. He only did 1 year in prIson if that tells you anything.  he doesn't have a violent past, but has gotten in trouble for drug charges (marijuana ) && the judge granted his mother full custody.  

So even through is stressful now, the court will see through him just keep all your ducks lined up for the right time!! & I wish you luck!!!
Thanks! Yes that's what I'm hoping , that the court sees through his bs and doesn't allow him anything. I've never denied him to see my kids he pulled away on his own and the little contact he's had with them he's been bad and abusive towards them. I'm praying for the best for my kids you know.  
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I'm 29 weeks countinG down from 79 days. Don't really have much to look forward to except my little princesses arrival. My birthday is on October 14 I'll be 19.. But I won't get to do anything for my best which is kinda depressing.. Not like its anyone's problem on hate but I'm living in a motel and barely making the rent and I don't have money for food so as for Halloween and thanksgiving I won't be able to do anything for either.. My family don't have to much to do with me so won't be Gettin any invites for any holidays.. But as long as i have the countdown for my princess Tajsa to arive I guess I'm happy enough and have something to look forward to .
With this, I can very much relate.  I got pregnant with my first at 18 had her when I was 19 . I was hhomeless,  no job, lost all my friends once the partying stopped.  & my family didn't want much to do with mE. We are Italian and well my child's father (now my husband ) is African American.  

How I seen and still do see it, she only needs me, not them. Ended up finding a job, getting my first apt two moths before she was born.

Now, I'm happily married,  we have two children,  our first who is now six, and our son who is two, and another little girl on the way in November.  

Only you can live your life, feel your pain, and happiness.  

Now I'm doing a lot better than pretty much my whole family.  We own our house, I have my nursing degree and my husband is lead in a factory.  You can do it!!!

Remember today *****! But tomorrow will be better. & you have not yet failed!  You just found 10000 ways that didn't work!

I wish you the best in your journey through life, a safe and healthy pregnancy,  labor and birth!

Thanks. Helps to know someone else overcame what I'm going through. Hopefully I can to.. Things just aren't looking up for me right now. Me and my boyfriend both work but can't save any money because of the rent for this room... Kinda seems hard and far fetch to get into an apartment with having only 2 months leFt before she arrives. But I'm praying for the best. I appreciate all ur kind words.and thanks for sharing ur struggle to. I'm happy for u and congrats on the little girl. Wish u the best through it all also
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I ment anyone's problem on here.phone auto corrects
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