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Chances of Pregnancy. No sex

Hello everyone! I am freaking paranoid over what happened last 2 days ago! I had a sweet moment when I and my girlfriend are alone. She requested to rub my penis on her labia and I was kinda shocked, I saw precum in my penis but i wiped it off using my fingers. Then i rubbed it on her labia. She described that it was dry actually. Next thing is I ate her and it lasted for 2 minutes. Afterwards, she gave me a **. We did the 69 and I came in her mouth. We stopped and continued after 2 hours. She gave me a blowjob again then she fails to put it in her mouth leading to spilling my ***, then I wet my hands, left hand was more while the right hand had less in it. I washed it and wiped it using a rough towel and let it dry for 2 minutes. After a minute, we were cuddling and I remembered that I grabbed her many times using my right hand(I was sure that it lasted for more than 5 minutes of cuddling) and I rubbed her using my right hand. It lasted for, i think 4 minutes? Please help me!!!! Im really scared if she gets pregnant! She is an irregular actually! Its been 5 months since she didnt have her period. I remembered that she had yellowish fluids on her vagina and it easily gets dry. Some of the yellowish fluid are dry and kinda smelly, similar to a dried saliva. Is there any chance that she gets pregnant? She doesnt know when she ovulates but she knows her symptoms when its coming near like painful abdomen, moodswings, cravings for food, and increased discharges. She also had inconsistencies on her discharge like her color changes to yellow to white to clear and vice versa, then also it changes to sticky to thin and vice versa making her difficult to know when shes ovulating. I masturbated last 2 days before that day and I urinated many times. Can you help me? I am so paranoid here. God bless you!
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You can't get someone pregnant from fingering.  The things you did wouldn't result in her being pregnant.  However, you are very close to having sex . . .please buy some condoms for everyone's sake!  FYI< masturbating prior and urinating will not prevent sex.  But your penis needs to be in her vagina to result in pregnant.  The closest you came to that was your penis ON her labia and things like that become riskier.  So, she is more than (repeat MORE THAN, meaning I'd say there is a 1 in a million chance) likely she is NOT pregnant but it sounds like pregnancy would not be welcome and you two are getting more and more sexual. So, buy some condoms and use them faithfully or she can go on the pill. good luck!
So you mean its highly unlikely? I was so paranoid lmao. How do I know if she's ovulating? She's irregular though. Oh and I forgot. Her hymen is still intact, we didnt have sex either. That labia thing lasted for labout 10 seconds. Does that mean precum causes pregnancy? I have read that urinating before precum flushes leftover sperm in the urethra. Does that mean its true? I badly need answeeeeers. thank you!
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While statistically unlikely, if you had sperm on your hands and touched her vagina, there is potential for pregnancy. Of more concern is the yellow discharge she has, especially if it had an odor. I think it is imperative for her to visit her healthcare provider or even a Planned Parenthood clinic. The presence of a yellow discharge with odor could possibly be a bacterial vaginosis, a yeast infection, or even an STD such as  trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia. You can put your mind at ease regarding the pregnancy, although again this would be a statistic anomaly, by purchasing a pregnancy test from any dollar store. You can purchase condoms, or if you do visit Planned Parenthood, they can offer a variety of birth control options on a sliding scale fee. Be safe and all the best!

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