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I am 17 and I feel forced into getting an abortion.

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I just found out 3 days ago. I told my mom and she had my dad come over to discuss the matter. My parents were also 17 when they had me and were actually going to abort me but my grandma caught her skipping school to go to North Carolina and told her she would not be getting an abortion. I thank my Grandmother for that every day, and so does my mom. I am pregnant by a 20 year old drop out, who is covered in tattoos and piercings. We are not in love either. My parents told me I cannot raise a baby because I am too irresponsible and they told me if I decide to keep it they will not help me or be a part of its life. My mom is trying to push my towards abortion, and last night I thought" Okay, maybe abortion is the best answer" then I decided to look up abortion stories and they horrified me. I began to understand that I can't abort this baby for MY oops. It is not fair to the baby at all. I cried all night because I feel like I have to do this, but I am already regretting it and I haven't even scheduled the appointment. I am not pro life and I am not religious. Any woman should have the right to make the decision for their own body. This is America and I stand by the law, not a book written hundreds of years ago. I just don't feel like abortion is the right choice for me, I simply don't have the strength and I know I will regret this for the rest of my life.
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This Your Body and your baby don't let nobody force you into anything if you don't think it's right keep your baby get a job save money and tell the person your pregnant by to throw the bum life cause he is a father now it's gonna be really hard but do what Yu gotta do keep Ya head up
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I am sorry your parents took such a hard line as to say they would not be part of their grandchild's life.  Are you able to support yourself and a baby?

There is also adoption, and adoptions can be open adoptions.  Don't forget that option when you are considering what to do.  So many good people want to be parents, the pregnant woman is totally in the driver's seat when choosing where to send her child.

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There are a lot of things written hundreds of years ago that are well worth considering,  UndertheWater. I guess you're referring to the Christian Bible,  but that's another topic.

The fact that they got pregnant a 17 and are so strongly against it is telling about their true feelings - truly,  they know how very hard it was and how it took their lives down a path they don't wish you to take.

I agree with Annie.  Would they support you in adoption?  Otherwise,  although it's kind of unlikely,  you have to consider that they will follow through on their word to turn their backs on you if you decide not to abort.  
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