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Holding On To Hope

I have five days until AF is due.  I do not feel prego at all.  So, I am a little (ok very) disappointed.  I thought we hit the timing perfect.   I have no symptoms at all.  No soreness, no cramping, no discharge.  I am trying to make myself realize that it is not going to happen this month.  And I am sure, as with some of you, that I just want to quit trying sometimes.  I am tired of the disappointment.  But enough pity for me.  

How are all the other ladies?  Anyone got some great news to tell me?

My Mom is doing much better.  Still haven't talked her into moving back to my state to be closer.  But trying.  

Sticky Baby Dust to All
God Bless!!
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Maybe not to long...You never know how long those guys can live..ha ha..

We will just get through the next 5 days together.  I am sure mine will be here.  But I am holding out for hope.

Hopefully, I will talk with you over the next five days..

Good Luck!!!
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AF is due in 5 days for me also - NO symptoms at all here - maybe just tired in the afternoon, but I have been going to the gym everyday, so that could explain it.  We bd'ed on the sat and I o'd on tuesday - I am thinking it was to long in between, don't you?!?  I'm a little upset, but it's okay.
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Well, I went for a check up today.  I wanted to go and get a good physical since I have seen all the trouble my mom is going through and all her health problems.  I want to make sure that I am doing ok and see if anything is wrong.  I had lots of blood work and they did a simple urine pregnancy test and it was neg.

I am due to start monday.  So I guess that I will start then.

I hope others have some great news.  Please tell me...So I guess I am going to focus on loosing some weight and getting more fit.

Let me hear from you ladies!!!
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How exciting!  I am so happy for you!  You sooooo deserve this.  I wish you all the best in the world.  Please keep me informed.  And I will have you in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow!

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Sorry that you feel down and dissapointed...i know that feeling all to well.  I read on line somewhere that sometimes sore bb's don't start until you are about 3/4 wks in.  So, maybe that is a glimmer of hope!  I am glad to read that your mom is doing better.  That must put you mind at a little more ease.  

I did have a 3 + FRERs this week.  I keep hoping this really is a + after my b/w pg test tomorrow.  Stick baby stick!!!!  

I hope for BFP for you this cycle!!!!

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