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Implantation bleeding??.....

I think i might have today... it was not much if anything it looks like a discharge but very little browing not red red but a little and that was today when i went to the bathroom.
Past two days i have had tender and sensitive boobies and nipples. I feel like im discharging every now and then through out the day, is that normal???.. OMG im a worry wart! this will be my first time being preggo and i thought the Mirena was gonna mess up my body but now im feeling all these things... its driving me crazy. I havent had breast pain in FOREVER since like wayyyy before i even put the Mirena on, and when i took it off i didnt have pain or anything like that. If u read all my other posts you'll see the status on my pregnancy mission but idk whats really going on. Part of me wants to take another test but im afraid its going to be negative again. Im suppose to test this Sat according to the OC but im irregular so idk .... but i really did feel like i ovulated when it said i would. Im hoping this is it! pray pray pray guys! =)

and if any of this is similar to your pregnany's please please let me know so i can feel better ... im so anxious and trying to keep cool all at the same time. its driving me CRAZY! lol

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Oh I wish you the best of luck too sweetheart! I know i cant make you feel any better either but we're here for each other and i hope you get your BFP soon =)
Keep your faith and help me along the way cause this just discourages me badly!
Im want to just enjoy "trying" and then later celebrating the mission completed.
Good luck and BABY DUST all over you ;)
keep me posted k??... Have  agreat day!
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Hey, Like your user name!
I'm not pg yet but have been trying for awhile. I had a little girl 8 yrs ago and I wansn't really trying then so I don't remember anything except that I was VERY regular then and 2 days after that, my test was positive. I'm now at 2dpo and took a test today and it was neg. We're in the same boat! I can't make you feel better, but you're not alone. I wish something definate would happen. I keep getting these minor cramps that go away and I had just a slight bit of pink on my TP when I wiped a couple of times, but that's it. I think I'm no more than a day off of my calculations but AF has come early for the last 5 or 6 months so this month is weird. Anyway, I know how you feel and I'm sending lots of baby dust your way. Keep us updated!
Good luck
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