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Very early miscarriage

Hi Ladies, Sorry but this may be tmi for some... :(
I've been missing again for a couple days.  
To recap:
I had my first faint bfp 3 days before my period due date, and then AF came a few days later.
Late Last night I had horrible lower back pain, very sudden onset of dizziness and sick to my stomach feelings.  :P  
Lots of "'stuff" came out all at once, and then my hubby drew me a bath.  Some more stuff came out while bathing, and I examined it.  It was red with whitish clumps and stringy stuff......
Hubby looked up miscarriage online for signs and symptoms, and it seems I had a lot of them.  I took another test just to see if there was hcg left, and it came out positive.
I went to the doctor this morning, told her about all my symptoms and everything, and showed her the positive hpt I did late last night, and she says that she though I was or am pregnant.  She did a quantitative blood test and I will get the results  tomorrow.  
I was also tested for anemia and u.t.i.'s.  I had no u.t.i. and I my hemoglobin count came back at a 13 (it needs to be at least an 11).  So I was thankful for that.  :)  
I had originally been afraid that I just had bad anemia from the heavy AF, because of my dizziness and nausea, but I guess those aren't the symptoms of anemia at all, which I didn't know!  
My doctor told me that a first pregnancy ending this early on was very common, because the woman body takes a "trial" run with pregnancy the first time around.  I am not sure what I think of that, but my mother told me today that she has had 2 miscarriages before her 1st healthy baby, which I had no idea about until today.  It makes sense to me though.
I am doing ok emotionally, because I understand that things happen and hopefully the next baby will stick.  

I hope you all are doing very well!  I think that it would be good to try birth w/o pain killers and such.  I would like to do that when I get my turn.  :)  
Love and baby dust!!!!!!!!!*******************************
<3 Kate
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So sorry!!! I know what you are going through.  It sucks sooo bad.  Good things will happen,.  Put in God's hands!
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Thank you again everyone.  I feel pretty intense nausea, fatigue, hotness and dizzyness still.  But I've only spotted a little bit last night since Sunday night when I thought I m/c.  Has anyone else felt like this with a confirmed early m/c?  
Thanks for all the input so far!  I know my time will come (if this isn't it).  
Thank you for the prayers and kindness, that means the world to me right now.
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Like some of the other ladies mentioned, you could be just fine, cause there are LOTS of women that bleed while their prego. You could have a very rich uterine lining that's filled with blood, and from what I hear, the cervix can also bleed. Tissue passing could be YOUR tissue, not your little bean's.

We are all here and praying for you!!! :)

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I am so sorry for your loss.  There are no words to help.  But please know that I and everyone else is here for you.  Sometimes it helps just to release it all in words.  It seems easier to me to do it to you ladies than my close family and friends.  It feels so nice to have people who are actually going through what we are going through.

If you want to chat...here I am...God Bless!!!

You are sooooo strong.  
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Thanks everyone.  :)  I appreciate your kindness.  
Yeah, the dr. called this morning and said that there was no way to tell 100% if I was pregnant or not, but to trust my gut basically on this one.  She said the blood test came back negative (the qualitative one).  She said to just keep doing what I'm doing, and that good things will happen.
So next time I test, I'll buy a different brand than the Target brand.  I got 2 positives though, and they were clear.  :(   so I have absolutetly no idea what happened.  
I am just not sure.
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Im sorry hun! Dont give up though you might still be pregnant hun .....losing " stuff " doesnt always mean miscarriage , I had alot of "stringy" stuff when I first got pregnant , so you just never know and if your still getting a BFP , then it might have been early when you took the other tests , didnt you use like cheapie ones for the 2nd test you did?......Just keep a positve attitude hun! It will all work itself out!......Your staying really strong & I admire you for that! Your gonna get your chance soon hun :).....Make sure to keep us updated :)
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i too had a recent early miscarriage. my signs and symptoms were very much like your own, except i got a positive test one day and a negative the very next day. how many days were your tests apart?? because you MAY still be pregnant and just having a period. my levels dropped WAY FAST! so dont lose all hope, and if you are religious.... PRAY! :) hope it all works out for you!
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Oh that is terrible for you. i can't imagine how you are feeling emotionally as you were probably very excited about you BFP and now for this to happen. you sound good though and seem to be accepting it already so good on you and all the luck i have i send your way. thinking of you!!!!
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