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biological clock

Im 25 years old im married to my versoin of the boy nextdoor (litteraly lived next to each other our life's) the love of my life. He wants a baby more than anything but I have a rair blood disorder that keeps me in and out of the hospital and I have to get blood transfusion every 3weeks. I also have epilepsy. i have talked to my doctors and they said pregnancy is not recommended but they dnt think its impossible. I have discussed this with him a few times and told him im ready when he is. He doesnt want to try he said he feels like he would be killing me. He is my husband he wants a baby I want a baby. What do I do? There was one time we desided to try then he was deployed. During that deployment i was hospitalized for 6weeks. Now that he is back he wnt try. I know he wants a baby but he said me being alive is enough for him. I feel guilty I have been sick my entire life and have always played it safe im ready for something bigger than me something to give me a reason to keep fighting. Suggestions?
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Sounds like you have a winner! Babies are amazing but so is great love!. I agree try a surrogate or adoption. Dnt jeopardize your future.  I know its not the same as feeling the life move inside of you but seeing that life live to grow nothing can ever complaint. Take your time make sure you guys are ready what  is meant to be will be. Good.luck!
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Have you thought about a surrogate? or adoption? I know not ideal responses but it may be a compromise to help your health and his conscious.
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