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18 weeks pregnant, one twin has PUV, what is the prognisis


I'm hoping someone on here can give some advice.

The background is we are currently 18 weeks pregnant but this is different to most in the fact that it is a surrogate mother that is pregnant, and she is in another country.

She is pregnanct with non-identical twins and at the 16 week scan, heartbreakingly, one twin was shown to have PUV and the outlook therefore is very grim as there is no fluid in the amniotic sac to help develop the lungs.

Our main problem is it is the way of the doctors in the country where the surrogate lives to not give prognisis, but just to say "let's pray".

From research on Google we can see that maybe the twins will get to term but the sick one sadly may never take a breath, maybe the sick one will die in the womb, and this can then cause a full end to the pregnancy or maybe not.

So the question is can anyone give any prognosis as to likely outcomes in this situation, whether there are any milestones that should give us hope, or not (20 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks, etc.) and any other advise?

Thanks in advance

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