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20 Week Ultrasound For Twins

We had our 20 week ultrasound today. Yay! We got some great 3D photo's as well. My twins are still laying one on top of the other, and they are top and tail (they were kicking each other in the head! Poor babies!)

How were/are everyone elses twins laying at 20 weeks? I really thought that they would be side by side. Heart rates were 155 and 151 and now they measure two days difference in growth, where at 13 weeks they were the same. We are not finding out the sex of babies, this will be our last pregnancy so it will be a suprise this time. I am guessing one of each?? Fingers crossed.

Anyway they did pick up on an abnormality with Twin B. It only has one artery and one vein in the umbilical cord, normal one has two arteries and one vein. Possible birth defects (30-60% chance), but nothing they could pick up yet. Fingers crossed they wont find anything! Staying positive, they will however be keeping an extra eye on Twin B's growth now. Anyone else have/had this with any pregnancies? 1% chance singletons have it and 7% twins and multipules have it. Arrgh! I hate falling in these small percentages!
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Congrats on your 20 week u/s. It is so great to get the 3D photos. Our g/g twins were always looking toward my back or each other so we didn't get very many good ones.

Baby B was always head down, while Baby A always flipped each week it seems. They were opposite at my 20 week u/s and at about 27 weeks Baby A stayed head down so both were head down until I delivered, which was a c/s.

I am not familiar with the artery and vein issues but I know I have seen many posts before about it so hopefully someone will reply with some experience.

Take care of yourself and those babes : )
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I am in the 20th week now, and have an appt next week. My last ultrasound was when I was in the 17th week.... and in that one both were head down.  I had an appt with the midwife a week ago and one was head down and the other she couldnt tell.  They can move around a lot still at 20 weeks and still have a lot of room...

I dont sweat it when they tell me I fall into small percentages anymore.  Only 2% of babies have a VSD (little hole in heart that usually closes up on its own) but my DD was born with one.   They say the chance of having twins is around 3%, but yet we are preggo with twins.  And of all NT scans, only 5% come with elevated fluid around neck, we had that with both twins....luckily that turned out to be no chromosome problems.  But somehow when people say it is a small % chance of something, it doesnt seem to mean anything to me anymore!

I hope everything works out with your babies. I have heard of the artery/vein thing before but really dont know much about it.
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Form about 20 weeks on, my twins were sort of one on top of each other too.  Actually, my son was sort of sprawled across 3/4 of by belly and my daughter was all squished up on my lower left side-poor thing.
Anyway, we actually had a cord problem with my daughter during my pregnancy.  It's not the same as what you've described though.  She had both arteries, but had what they called a vein varices- sort of like a buldging vein that they were worried could burst or clot or worse.  In our case, all turned out fine, but they did monitor us very closely once they saw the problem (30 wks). They didn't act overly concerned at first, but they did have me going for non stress test every 2 days and ended up doing somewhat of an emergency C section at 32 weeks.  
My best advice is to just take it easy.  Keep your body at rest as much as possible--so it can get all the blood and such to those babies.  Hand in there and trust your docs, but don't be afraid to ask questions too.  And I agree with others, don't let the percentages get to you!
Best wishes to you and congrats on getting to the halfway point!  
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Have posted some ultrasound photo's on my profile if anyone wants to see. :)
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my twins were always side by side but mine were in seperate sacks.....(Boy and Girl)  and I have tons of u/s pics from 12 weeks through my delivery if you'd like to see what's next....
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