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How Much of Each Do I Buy? Advice!?

My husband & I found out yesterday we're having twins (first cycle of IVF a success!). I'm right at 7 weeks now. I know it's still a long way away until they're here, but I've already got 10,000 things running through my head (and my personality is needing to know everything! haha). My big question is how many of each (bottles, burp cloths, the basic necessities) would you recommend to buy for twins? I'm just trying to plan ahead & figure out what we need! Any advice is appreciated. Thank you :)
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whatever you were planning on buying for one baby...double it. lol. we had one of our kitchen cabinets full of bottles (i think roughly 20-30 bottles), we had 10 binkies (they never really took to them so those were a waste), about 40 barfy blankets (my guys were spitters), i don't even know how many onesies....but it was a lot. we had 3 sets of sheets for each crib, 2 crib bedding sets (dust ruffle, comforter and decorative pillow), 2 high chairs, 2 bouncer seats...we just doubled everything.
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Clothes, diapers, wipes, etc you will need double of.  Most people I know have their multiples have their babies share a crib until moving to a toddler bed.  Generally the babies sleep better having someone close to them they have been with from conception.  Research definitely supports this idea.  I would be hesitant to buy 2 bouncers or 2 swings right away.  One may prefer one and hate the other and then you have something you will not use.  I would buy one of each and if you need to buy another you can.  Its harder to return.  You won't need highchairs for at least 6 months after birth, so I would put that off.

Car seats you need 2 of and probably a double stroller.  If you have more than 1 car, you will need 4 bases (please check with a car seat tech for proper installation!!!  call your local fire or police station!).  Research car seats (including extended rear facing and extended harnessing).  They are a safety thing and car accidents are the #1 killer of children and its estimate 95% of car seats are used improperly.  I don't think people take them seriously enough.

I cannot imagine buying 20-30 bottles!!!  You don't even go through that many in a day, not to mention they are washed several times a day.  I had 1 bottle for my son when he was getting breastmilk in a bottle, one with liners to boot.  If you are planning to breastfeed,  you won't need as many bottles.

(btw, I make double layer, flannel burp cloths and sell them for $3 each plus shipping and handling and if you buy 6 I give you one for free.  Email me and I will send you some pictures if you want.  You pick all fabrics from my stock.)

I would consider joining your local MOMs (moms of multiples) group because many of those moms are willing to sell their gently used items for a great price (do NOT use someone else's car seats or strollers and check EVERYTHING for recalls).  They will be able to give you a lot of help and advice and help you with local resources.  Hiring a doula (DONA organization is good) to help you with all your options and further resources.
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We used our bottles. All of them. I'd pump and store milk in the freezer, have bottles made up. As a mother of multiples...I can say I used 20 bottles.
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I don't know how you managed 20 bottles.  I would go crazy!  lol
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Thanks for the advice :)
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producing milk for two...it's insane. i think i spent an average of 6-8 hours a day pumping. if i didn't i leaked everywhere. my poor bb's did dry up by 5-6 months though. the kids drank me dry. lol. and dh wasn't thrilled to open the freezer door and see nothing but bb milk. lol.
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Well I only had 6 bottles 3 a piece and I needed TONS of burp cloths my twins had reflux .   I only had 1 swing 1 bouncer 1 jumperoo and I had no problems they don't both have to do the same thing at the same thing....and I got away with keeping them in the same crib til about 8 months then they started waking each other up.....the only thing I would suggest to any mother of twins is a double snuggly they have them on justmultiples I didn't see them til mine were to big but I would have died for one of those....and I had 1 pack n play....oh and a double stroller is a must I used a graco duo glider and I loved it cause you can get the graco carseats and they will both snap on.
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Planning ahead...I decided not to buy anything until 30 weeks and then my twins came at 28 weeks and I had nothing!!!! Panic Arrrrghhh.

My twins only ever had 6 feeds a day at their maximum so I only ever needed 12 bottles and this meant it was easier to wash and sterilise (I didn't have to do this more than once a day) Not sure you sterilise over there though....Anyway my babies were born early and they couldn't use the first bottles I bought. Then I used DR Browns for a bit (helped with reflux) so we had about 14 of them. Then I switched to NUK (faster feeding)so I had about 14 of them. Then I found a website with Playtex on and the bags so I swtiched to them (not as much washing and no sterilisng). My advice on the bottles would be to get about 4 to start with and see how the babies take to them and then stock up. Oh I used some similar to the podee as well but they didn't work too well.

I got two jumperoos and I would say these I couldn't live without. Initially I bought a VTECH DJ station and a jumperoo but I had to borrow my second jumperoo from a friend because they both wanted to bounce. 1 swing. I had a bouncer each (I started off weaning them in these). I bought two cot beds but they used the same one for the first 12 months (preemies though, so both are quite petite. They still fit now at 20 months but they have teeth so I don't risk it.

I'd say I bought way too many blankets and cot sheets. I'd say get one set per bed and then buy a couple of grow bags each.

I couldn't have lived without my ICandy Pear and my two maxi cosy cabrio car seats either.

I would highly recommend the basic high chairs from IKEA (don't know if you have it over there) There is nothing worse than cleaning two high chairs three times a day when they are feeding if they are the oversized, padded cushiony things.

I put two baby carriers on at the same time just arranged them slightly-no need to buy a special twin one that is mega expensive.

I initially bought babygrows so they had two each per day and vests but I got addicted to buying clothes. It's a shame you're not in the UK-I keep them all and they are taking over our home :)
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I nursed (am nursing)  so we only have a few bottles - actually the bottles from the hospital and the nipples are their favorites
I use cloth diapers and I have about 4 dozen - but OH the rubber (vinyl)  pants I go through
Try to have more than 6 diaper pins - I am always losing them!
As far as swing and bouncy seat - totally agree - they may or may not like so do not double - car seats are a must
YOu need at least two potty seats - I have two downstairs and only one up stairs - and inevitably if they are in the basement they have to go (I should have 6 total LOL)
LOTS of bibs
I did not use spit up rags at all.
mine were born in november so we went through tons of blankets - every time I took them for blood work we needed 4-6 blankets and since the blankets were around germs they had to be washed alot
I did not go through very many onessies or pajamas - they did not get dirty or wet or poop through much
Good Luck
They are a lot of work!
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Just a note on the high chairs.  Get ones that REALLY work well to lock in the babies.  Keep in mind that you will be feeding both at once and want something that really locks them in.  I had a friend who had one of those really pretty wood ones with no belts to hold the baby in.  It worked for her with one, because she sat there and held the baby down in it.  It always made me a nervous wreck to watch the kid eat.  I was so worried she could just lean out of it.  I told my friend as much.  I think it is vital with two to make sure you have really safe high chairs, so that when you are tandem feeding, you know both babies are locked in safely!  We have Chicco ones that are wonderful.  They have harnesses that are like car seat ones, and trays that lock in as well.  
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