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I love my husband, but...(Let's share)

My brother sent me a great article this morning and it helped me to realize that I am not alone in this world with my feelings. Here's the link below. Read the article and share some of you thoughts and feelings.


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So here are my thouhgts. I love my husband, but.....

I'm alone with my twinfants for 14 hours a day while he works two jobs to support us. I am jealous of him but not. Some days are harder than others. I'd love to go to work sometimes but other days I couldn't imagine leaving my twinfants and going off to work.

Every morning he gets up and heads out for work. By the time he gets home at night the twins are already alseep most nights. We are both so tired we barely get a chance to talk and we are off to bed. Then the day starts all over again. Night times are ok most times and he does try to help out. But I just wish we had more time to be together outside of him working and me caring for the twins.
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i love my husband, but...

i get just about NO help. with anything. he is not working right now (thank you economy) so he's home. perfectly capable of doing SOMETHING around the house besides eating and sitting on his [email protected] @$$. this past week i've been sick with the flu. feeling horrible. he was fine. what did he do to help? not a single thing. i still got up 6-8 am, made the kiddos breakfast, changed all the diapers, housework, cooking, bath time and bedtime. he wouldn't even get up so i could at least get a few extra hours of sleep. he stays up till 6 or 7 am on the computer or playing video games and refuses to wake up until at LEAST noon. it feels more like i have a roommate or a teenage son than a husband. another thing that irritates me is he ALWAYS curses, screams and yells. even if HE did it he STILL blames me, kids or cat. and we can NEVER do anything right. ever. i mean absolutely NEVER EVER. it's rather irritating. i'm tempted to borrow my grams cast iron skillet and beat him over the head with it like she did to pappy. it worked on him maybe it will work on mine...

i do love my husband. i really do...I JUST WANT HELP!!! it's hard work taking care of a house, writing a book AND being with the kids 100% of the time.
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god i so know how this lady and u ladies feel i hate my man when he walks out that door for work yes its to support us but god id give anything to be out there in the real world with out dipers and with real conversations and to coe home to a clean house and a home cooked meal and people that look after me when im sick god how id love to be a man yes we stay at home and dont have to work but raising a family pretty much on ur own is a job in its self and i think its more stressfull than a real job and i know eactly what u mean when u say he sits on his *** and wont help mine did that too while he was out of work till i jacked up and stopped doing his washing and hen i cooked a meal i made sure not to cook enough for him he soon got the hint
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Oh my gosh, I know how you feel.... I am home with my 4 month old twins right now and my husband works...BUT next week that all changes.  I am going back to work full time and he will stay home with the twins.  Somehow before I was jealous and now that the tables are turning, I am jealous for other reasons.  

I am the breadwinner in our family and have an enormous stress to make work and family work.  I am sure when I go to work, he will not be able to do the housework and cook and take care of the twins like I did.  He is a great guy and I am sure he will take care of the twins and I cringe when I think about the rest of the work.  I need a cleaning lady and then I think it will work out.

I think that the perfect solution would have been to work part time.  A little real world and a little extra family time...but unfortunately, that doesnt work in my job :(
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