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I transferred 2 frozen embryo, pregnant w/identical twins.

I really am concerned. I transferred 2 fairly okay embryos with a 50% chance of implanting. Now I'm pregnant w/identical mono twins. I thought all embryos had their own sac. I highly doubt one didn't take and one split because the quality was just fair. Because of the quality is why I did 2.
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If your doctor is absolutely certain these are identical twins, one embryo did split.  It's not *that* uncommon, I had it happen as well when doing IVF.  The only thing to worry about is whether there is enough separation between them to prevent twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.  You should read up on it to be sure you know what to ask the doctor, and the doctor should be monitoring.
I've read the same info. I actually did embryo donation and they are from a 25 year old girl. I thought both may take given how young she was. My dr. is certain they are sharing a placenta and might not make it. I'm hoping they form their own sacs. I wonder if it's possible.
One thing to know is that sometimes two sacs can be pressed so tightly together that they look like one on the ultrasound.  How many weeks along are you?  
I'm 10 weeks and they noticed the twins at 7 weeks. They were on top of each other and appeared as though the egg split, stuck together and slowly slid apart. I never thought about both sacs being so close. Thank you for your insight.
I'd definitely expect to be carefully monitored.  I'm glad you made it to ten weeks, that is a positive thing I think.  You should seriously read everything you can find on the risk of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome and what can be done about it, so you can be an informed patient when you talk to your doctor.  Are you in the high-risk group?
Yes, I am high risk - 45 yrs old. I've been reading up on TTTS and MoMo twins. Scary but could be reality.
It doesn't harm you to be prepared, to hope for the best but brace for the worst.  I lost my twins, but in a way it might have been worse if I had had to decide to tie one off from the other in order to save the other.  I was not ready to make that decision.

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