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Is a c-section necessary? MC placenta.

I am almost 27 weeks with a monochorionic (MC) placenta. So far so good- my cervix is long and thick, the boys are pretty much the same size- one is 2lbs 8 oz. the other is 2 lbs.. The doctor said he is definitely delivering with a planned c-section at 39 weeks (if I make it that far)  because it is a high risk pregnancy and research shows higher mortality rates and complications for the baby B, in vaginal births. He said there are a few doctors that will still do it vaginally, but in general people don't. He is not a high-risk specialist, however.
I understand that multiples are automatically termed "high risk", but I am young (30- young for NYC to have two babies), in pretty good shape and really wanted to try to have a vaginal delivery. Is it true that most doctors deliver monochorionic twins via c-section? Have other people had a similar experience, did you search out a second opinion? I don't want to change doctors- I like him a lot. I just wonder if it is worth researching.
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I am 27 weeks with mono di twins. I have an OB and perinatalogist in charge of my care, and neither of them have told me c sections are preferred. Both prefer to try for a vaginal delivery as long as baby A is head down. My doctor may try to turn baby B if she is breech, but said I could try to deliver her breech if she won't turn and she's not in distress. I will be induced via pitocin at 37 weeks, as long as baby A is head down. My OB told me out of her last four mono di twins, only one had to have a csection.
I would get a second opinion if your wanting a vaginal birth. The fact that almost all dr like csections for mono twins is not true. Now if they are mono mono, that may be a different story, as there is much added risk if they share a sac too.
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My twins, though not mono di, were born vaginally without any medical interventions at 39.3 weeks. They are fraternal twins and their  placentas had fused by the time they were born. I know it is not your situation so all I can do is offer words of encouragement.
I would suggest that, if you wish to explore a vaginal birth, you get a second and third opinion. Check into your docs overall c section rate- if his is high then he may prefer c section over natural birth. Maybe you could find a doc that would help you achieve vaginal birth, but would be prepared for the c section should the need arise. Just remember that this is your body, your birth and your decision. Maybe look into hiring a doula to help your voice be heard during delivery. Have you looked into natural c sections? Some women are having baby placed immediately on their chest after delivery and attempt to begin nursing while being sewn up.
Good luck!
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My twins shared a placenta- it ended up causing a few issues and I had an amnioreduction (drained fluid) at CHOP (Philly)  they are WONDERFUL!  Anyway- talk to your doctor and tell him/her what your wishes are.  I was a c-section at 33 weeks, but I  had been hospitalized bc I was previa.  There are lots of factors, just make sure everything is explained to you.
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