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Weight Poll

Hi Ladies,

For all those who are pregnant with twins or had twins (moms who already had twins can give their weight gain info and baby weight info for end of pregnancy!), I am just curious :

1.  which week are you in?
2.  how much have you put on?
3.  how much do they estimate your twins weigh right now?
4.  how tall are you and what was your original weight? (if you want to share ;)...)

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I guess I should answer first!  ha!

1.  31w+0d
2.  19 lb
3.  ca 4 lbs each
4.  5'2" and 111 lbs

I am having issues as I haven't gained hardly anything in a month.  The girls have so I guess that explains why I am so tired.... My stomach is so small because there is no room, so I cant eat big meals - if  I eat too much, I throw up.  And if I eat anything processed or fatty or calorie-rich, I get extreme heartburn.  So I end up eating a lot of grilled chicken and steamed veggies, which are healthy, but not full of calories.......  Anyone else have this issue?
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Wow pookie,  I looked at your pics...you are all belly and look fabulous!!  if only we all were so lucky - lol!  I gained a lot more, but I felt like the babies were taking everything out of my in the last few weeks too.  You are eating healthy, and they are gaining, so don't worry, I'm sure all if fine.

Here are my stats:
1. Delivered at 31.6 wks
2. Gained 50 lbs by that point  (imagine if i'd gone to term?!)
3. 3.13 lbs  / 4.4 lbs at delivery (32 wks)
4. 5'4".  I'm back to original weight now, around 130 lbs.

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Hey-I don't mind sharing at all
1. I am at 34 weeks today
2.I have put on 42 lbs
3.My boy weighs 6 lbs 3 oz and my girl weighs 4 lbs 11 oz
4.5'3 and my original weight was 158-yikes~!

I have not had the issues you are facing right now. I am sorry you are dealing with that.  Your twins seem to be doing great so that is good news!
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1. delivered at 34 weeks
2. put on roughly 80 - 90 lbs
3. brett was 5 lb 3 oz eli was 5 lb 13 oz
4. i'm 5'4 and have gone past my pre preg weight and i'm down to about 130 now. (i started off between 135-140)
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i did workout (walked on the treadmill for an hour a day) until i was 24 weeks then my ob put me on bedrest. my 3rd trimester was when i gained 75% of my weight. i was craving fast food and junk food SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. big macs were my weakness. as was chocolate. anything chocolate was what i wanted.
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i found this website


with a chart on suggested weight gain for twins.-  It says if you are 5'2" or smaller then the weight gain should be on the lower curve not higher curve.... which indicates i should have gained 24 lbs.....so since both girls are right on track, it appears that they have gained just fine and I have lost 5 kgs of ME.

I love hearing from and comparing with those pregnant now and those who already had their twins. always interesting to know how your pregnancies are going/went.  this one is different from my last (singleton) - not extremely different, but many symptoms that i had then are either stronger this time around OR came much earlier.

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