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When To Start Potty Training Girls?

As a part of growing process, a toddler has to be taught many things. It takes patience and efforts from the side of
the parents, so that a child develops into a physically and mentally healthy individual. Potty training is one such
task which is very important to learn at a proper age. Actually, there is no precise rule about the age of potty
training because the pace of learning in each child is different. It doesn’t mean that a child is weak or incompetent.
It is just that your child has not figured out a way to deal with her body, yet. As mentioned in the previous article,
there are many features included in potty training. Potty training in boys and girls is a bit different, due to the
orientation of their excretory organs. Now, you will be keen to know, when to start potty training girls? Read on to
learn some tips that will help you make the training process easier.
When To Start Potty Training Girls?
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