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could it be??

December 3rd 2014 1st day of new cycle ( boobs swell before period starts, and usually goes away when i do start)

12/03/14 CD 1- period started wasn't very heavy (boobs swollen)
12/04/14 CD 2- period light ( boobs usually go back to normal size by this time)
12/05/14 CD 3- period lighter ( boobs stayed swollen)
12/06/14 CD 4- period very light ( boobs stayed swollen)
12/07/14 CD 5- period ended ( boobs stayed swollen)
12/08/14 CD 6- spotted pink very lightly off and on ( boobs swollen)
12/09/14 CD 7- spotted pink very lightly off and on ( boobs swollen)
12/10/14 CD 8- boobs very swollen and achy
12/11/14 CD 9- boobs very swollen and even more achy
12/12/14 CD 10- boobs very swollen and achy, peeing lots, headache, heart burn, super hungry and thirsty
12/13/14 CD 11- boobs very swollen, achy, peeing lots , super hungry, supewr thirsty, smelling phantom garlic bread, feels like some one yanked on my nipples ( neg preg. test)
12/14/14 CD 12- boobs still very swollen and sore, seeing a size difference in my boobs, feeling full and heavy now , nipples sensitive, felt a quick pulling feeling by the belly button, ovary on right side twitching pretty hard, minor lower abdominal cramping, 2 drops of verylight pink spotting and that was it,peeing lots, very thirsty feels as though im dying of it,hungry more often and when hungry feels as though ive been kicked in the stomach and it doesnt slowly happen just feels like a sudden kick to the gut,i feel better once i eat,still smelling phantom garlic bread, more tired,pelvis feels a bit hard and swollen, waking in the middle of the night now to go pee, dizziness
12/15/14 CD 13- sore swollen breasts, peeing a lot, super hungry, eating more , super thirsty, 4 minor short headaches, still feels like being kicked in the gut when hungry, still getting up in the middle of the night to pee, strong food cravings, dizziness, feeling puky, minor abdominal cramping, some constipation, very tired , spotted light pink again for only a couple minutes
12/16/14 CD 14- boobs super swollen, heavy, sore ( normal every day bra is now too small) pelvic area feeling full as if im about to start ( keep in mind i already had it this month), headaches, peeing a lot, spotted pink again ( TMI but when i wipe there is nothing there), another small pulling/ pinching feeling by belly button
12/17/14 CD 15- boobs are very very sore today, nipples very sensitive, hungry ( starting to hate this kick in the but feeling), thirsty, very tired , feels like nipples and boobs are on fire, my nipples look a bit darker then normal and the areola looks a tiny bit different but not by much at the moment.

could it be pregnancy cuz this is not normal for me and when i do a pregnancy calculator online it tells me im a week pregnant.. i noe its too early to test i really hate this waiting game and if any one could tell me wut u think on this that would be great thanks
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