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early twin pregnancy

I'll try to keep this brief. im 37 years old. Have 6 healthy children ages 21-18-16-13-2-1. i had a tubaligation and then a reversal. Had 2 kids with my current husband (hence big age gap) found out i was expecting again on Dec 8th. I was a charter so I know when I ovulated. LMP 11/17~ovulated 11/30. + hpt 8 dpo. 1st beta wasnt until 16 dpo because i was trying to wait it out till after Christmas since it was my husbands Christmas gift. I want to say my sx started even before the + hpt. I know i was eating out of control, craving water and suffering from heartburn. Waves of nausea and what i like to describe as brain zaps. No pre af pimple either. ok so 16 dpo went in for initial dr appt. dr said my uterus was more swollen then usual. He has been my OBGYN for over 20 years on top of a family friend of the X hubby. so he knows me...did an ultrasound, of course couldnt see anything, he requested a beta and made a return appt for 3 weeks, he would be on vacation for the christas holidays. Called in beta was 1255. I was floored but i understand we cant rely on that to determine multiples. Continue about my daily routines the on 28 dpo found myself at the ER with one sided pain that radiated to my knee. I never had an ectopic but know i have a higher chance because of the TR. initial V ultrasound showed nothing. So they sent me to the tech. she did an abdominal ultrasound and was very talkative. i finally was able to ask if she had even seen anything...she responded yes i see a heartbeat but still didnt turn the screen to show me...after the ultrasound she wheeled me back to the room and said that she was emailing the films to the radiologist and he would then write up his report then concur with the ER dr.Seems like as soon as she left i began texting my friend to tell her what happen and in walks the ER doc to tell me that I had a SCH and the baby has a HB of 102 and there *appears* to be residue from a twin  and the prognosis isnt good that i will soon miscarry. I instantly began crying. Dont understand any of it really. the "pain" i felt was barable. i went in mostly for placement purposes. i wasnt spotting or bleeding. I just was floored. I cried for the next 2 days and on the 30th decided to go get my reports. Reports state that I had a beta HCG at that time of 79644k (wow really?) My ultrasound indicated a *possible involuted twin* the SCH and baby had a hb of 109 NOT 102. i got my ultrasound films as well 64 pictures but to me it looks like the tech made up her mind and didnt pay any attention to the possible twinn. She didnt label the images past uterus and ovary. Gestational age was 6 weeks for the "viable" baby. my questions are....and mind you i am desperate....

My betas have a doubling time of 47 hours. if i had VTS or miscarriage would that still be?
Would I have VTS or MC with no bleeding or cramping?
Symptoms are very much still present including all day nausea and tiredness should sx dwindle?
My tummy has reached my navel currently 6 weeks 5 days or so. would it still be *bigger*
Should i trust the abdominal ultrasound where i did not have a full bladder? there was a catheter in place dont know if that makes a difference.

Hopefully this posts and if you need more info i can remember where i posted this.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.
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I will be honest, I don't know what your outcome will be but it sounds like they don't either.  Miracles happen everyday.  I am so sorry if you lost one baby but sometimes this happens early and the other develops.  Don't give up and get down (stress not good for either of you!).  Take each day at a time and don't give up until it is an absolute.  Maybe a rocky road for you guys.  Hang in there and wishing you all the luck in the world!
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Thanks for replying. Its so hard not to stress at this point. i just never been through a MC and dont want to start now Especially a twin of my unborn whether it be absorbed or not. i have always wanted twins. this is my last pregnancy as my husband and i just discussed about a week before my + hpt that we were TTA (preventing) so i was shocked to say the least. went through an angry stage where i decided i didnt want to be pregnant at all. thank God that has passed. Well thanks for reading my post :) at least your response was alot more encouraging rather then tossing me under a bus with my baby already "absorbed" and the "at least you have the other one speech. if people understood how bad that can hurt....
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