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first time pregnant with twins.

Hi. im currently 9 weeks with twins. however im not excited. im scared and nervous. i constantly tell myself i cant do this.i have three daughters already. why am i feeling this way.
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You are probably anxious because you already have three daughters and are probably not ready for two more. You need to analyse your feelings and the need for more children. Have a good talk with your partner. Also you can discuss your anxieties with your gynaecologist and get some relief.
Hope this helps.
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You sound like me!
I just found out today that I'm having twins. They were dated as being 7 weeks with the same heartrate of 136.
I have THREE girls also. We were trying one last time for a boy. I had a mc the first week of march this year too. Anyway, it's very surprising. Now I am freaked out and nervous. I have been seeing my doctor since 2004 and I know she ONLY does c-sections for multiple births.
I'm scared but at the same time I know things will work out. It's stressful when it comes to thinking about after they are here and having the support as far as helping my kids to school and everything. I think my life is going to explode. LOL
This is crazy! I still can't believe it!
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I just gave birth to my twins in March. When we found out we were having twins I was super nervous as we already had 2 boys. I would advise that you look in your area for a mothers with twins group. They can provide a lot of support for moms with twins.
I have  to say that I had a GREAT pregnancy and birth. I gained 29 lbs, Was able to conitune my yoga practice up until the day before i gave birth at 39 weeks naturally at home. It was super easy. Don't think that you automatically have to have a c section just because you are having twins. Things I thought would be super hard are not that bad. I tandem nurse them so they are on the same schedule. We chose to use cloth diapers so we aren't spending extra money there either.
Don't worry, you can do it!
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It is really overwhelming to have an unplanned pregnancy or a planned one that went from 1 baby to 2 babies. Learning I was having twins at 8 weeks made me laugh until I cried. It is really overwhelming. Just do everything you can to educate yourself, find someone to confide in- your anxiety, fear, depression, whatever, be it your partner, family member, counselor, or a friend. Online communities have really helped me because I see it can be done.

Everyday I remind myself, God never gives me more then I can handle, even when I think he has. Every bad or overwhelming experience in your life so far you have overcome and lived to tell about it; this one is no different.

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