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10 weeks pregnant

How do you guys feel at 10 weeks pregnant? I feel like this has been the worst week for me I've been so sick. How do you guys feel?
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I didn't feel pregnant until way later on. Try taking some extra vitamin B....apparently it helps with the sickness. I was taking it before I got pregnant and never had gotten sick so it might have something to do with me feeling fine.
Good luck and hopefully it passes quickly for you!
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Thats how I am. Starting at like 9 weeks, my morning sickness got worse and I've gotten sick everyday. Before that it was just a couple days a week. I will be 11 weeks tomorrow. Not been feeling good at all today. I have a really sharp pain on my right side and down to my vagina. It has hurt all day. I've had pains beforem but they never lasted this long or hurt this bad. If I still hurt this bad tomorrow, I'm calling my doctor.
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This is my second pregnancy and I was nauseated from before I even took the pregnancy test all the way through the first trimester!  UGH  24/7 nausea and vomiting practically every other day for weeks on end.  It finally slacked off about week 13-14ish and now I am perfectly fine and already in week 25 - thank goodness!  It'll get easier for you in a few weeks, too!  Just hang in there.  Oh, I sucked on preggie pops and regular lollipops a lot between meals and chewed gum, too, to help with feeling sick.

Oh, by the way - my first baby was a boy and this one is a girl - I know it's not the same for everyone, but I knew before we found out that this had to be a girl because my symptoms were so different.  With my son I was not nearly as sick, and certainly not nauseated all day every day.

Good luck to you!
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I will be 7wks tomorrow and don't feel preggo at all...I have really sore boobs and occasional heartburn and nausea, but for the most part I feel nothing...it is kinda freaking me out tho as it seems like everyone is supposed to get morning sickness...I'm praying everything is alright...
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I will be 7 weeks tomorrow too.. and hardly feel pregnant.  My boobs get really sore at times (seems like only when they are growing)  comes and goes throughout the day (the fact that the boob pain isnt constant scares me).. i get gaggy at times.. i have vomitted 4 times (once after a coughing fit, other time after drinking too much in the morning on an empty stomach( but i find if i eat regularly with snacks in between it helps. and that I dont really feel sick too much.

I tend to get really gaggy while brushing my time.. and have a couple times, gagged and had a hard time swollening while eating..  Today is my tired test as I havent felt as tired because i havent been working... if i dont need a nap after work, i will be really scared
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They say the morning sickness symptoms are a great sign ( even though the last thing you feel is great! when my ob told me that i looked at him like he was crazy!) It should start going away in a couple weeks more less around 12-14 wks. hope you feel better
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