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10 wks pregnant and very nervous

Hi Everyone
Any advice on this would be really helpful...   I am currently 10 wks pregnant.  This is my 3rd pregnancy this year
I had a blighted ovum in february and in june at the 8 wk ultrasound baby had no heartbeat.   We have heard this heartbeat twice already once at 6 weeks and once at 9 wks  and it was very strong at 176 bpm.   I feel like some of my symptoms are disappearing.  My boobs dont hurt anymore and my m/s is maybe once a week.  Very scared something is going wrong  I dont go back to the doctors for another 2 wks.

Any one else go thru this???????
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for my first pregnancy i had a miscarriage at about 9 weeks. So when i fell pregnant the second time every little change freaked me out. At about 10 weeks my symptoms started to disappear and i was so concerned something had gone wrong. I was able to call my doc and come in for another scan just for peace of mind. The baby was fine and about a few days latter everything was back again. As far as i am aware it is completely normal for this time in pregnancy for your symptoms to come and go, i think it has something to do with the fact that your hormone levels are evening out and your body is getting used to it. My advise would be if you are concerned contact your doctor and request another scan to make you feel better.

Good Luck, i now have a happy healthy 1 year old.
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I didn't have many symptoms but a lot of what I did have going on disappeared around 10 weeks. It is probably your placenta beginning to take over. I was really nervous because I didn't hear the heartbeat till 14 weeks...so I kind of understand. I'm sorry for you previous losses and hope you have a great outcome this time!
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I had the same thing at exactly 10 weeks and it scared me like crazy but come to find out that between 10 and 12 weeks your symptoms may start to disapear because the placenta starts to take over and the hormones in your body start to level out which cause some of your symptoms to go away. But baby is still fine  
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I have had two prior m/c and this pregnancy I was so scared to lose. My symptoms started fading at 9 weeks and I was terrified I would lose another baby. Low and behold everything was fine and we are now 19 weeks along with twin girls. Good luck to you! Try not to worry - I know easier said than done.
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Thanks everybody!  I just need to relax and stop being so nervous.  
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Hi aryan+

I know exactly how you feel.  I think after a loss you are petrified when you don't feel the baby moving or when your symptoms subside.  I don't think you truly relax after a loss.  I am 16 weeks pregnant and still having panic attacks about this pregnancy.

At 6 weeks I was adamant this baby didn't make it because I wasn't feeling sick.  I went for my scan and sure enough baby was still there.  The morning sickness came shortly after that scan and lasted till about 13 weeks.

Symptoms come and go.  Pregnancy is a very scary thing.  I have always prepared myself for the worse with this pregnancy because with my son I wasn't prepared and I was heartbroken and still am.  I am struggling with my pending due date being oct 12th.

The best advice I can give you is to just take each day as it comes and cherish every moment you are pregnant.  I have learnt to appreciate what I have now and to relax and just keep thinking about your baby inside you,  You are going to be fine.  Stress is very normal after a miscarriage, soon enough you will hear the heartbeat and will have one more step towards reassurance.
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Rccesswell said it well!  I also had a previous miscarriage so any decrease in symptoms in this pregnancy is very scary to me. It's hard not to stress but have faith :). At 10 weeks it is very common for symptoms to subside all of my pregnancy books said that so when I was still puking at 14 weeks I wasn't a happy lady!  If your OB is understanding give them a call and ask for reassurance from an ultrasound. Hang in there each day puts you closer to holding your little one in your arms :)

Best of luck and congratulations
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