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11 weeks pregnant and TERRIFIED something is wrong!!

Just a quick background. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl 9lbs13ounces in May 2008.  Pregnancy was perfect, not a glitch until the actual labour. I had placenta accreta (sorry if that isn't spelled properly) but basically my placenta was stuck to my uterus so i had some heavy bleeding during my csection. I found out in October of this year that we are expecting baby #2.  The first 8 weeks went perfectly but at nine weeks i had a little spotting. I immediately went to the hospital fearing the worst that the baby had died. After doing an internal (cervix was closed), blood work and an ultrasound i recieved great news that the baby actually was alive and i was right on as far as growth.  Baby was moving and there was a perfect little heartbeat.  They wanted me to go back and get my blood checked 48 hours later. When those results came back the doctor called me and told me my hcg (pregnancy hormone) had not increased.  So now i'm back to thinking that this baby isn't going to make it or has died in the meantime. I'm now 11 weeks 4 days and had to go back in today to get more blood taken.  I haven't recieved a call about the results yet but i'm terrified. Has anyone else had similar experience. I guess i don't understand how baby could have looked so fine on the ultrasound but two days later my hormones are not increasing? Ugh i'm terrified and if anyone could help i'd really appreciate it
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they should not be checking your levels at this point and time..your levels start decreasing anyways at 9-10 weeks so i wouldnt see them rising! They did the samething to me when i spotted and told me i was going to lose the baby and here i am 15 weeks pregnant! :) So i wouldnt worry if the bleeding has stopped and i dont see the point in you getting any more blood taken if its for your beta levels!!
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I agree with Rosa.  Most clinics and Dr's don't even do HCG tests after about 8 weeks because the levels taper off, and the placenta starts doing the work.  I know women who spot during their pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies.  Some women spot throughout their entire pregnancy, and it's not because anything is wrong, it's just because your body is producing so much more blood and the cervix is really friable.

Hang in there, and I'm hoping for the best.
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they told me at the hospital that the hcg should double in 48 hours, that's why after 48 hours and they actually decreased by a small amount the doctor called me and wanted me to do it a week later just to see what they were at. I'm not really sure why they're still checking, just to terrify me i guess. I swear if i didn't have a miscarriage i will from all the stress they're putting me through.  I'm now waiting for the results from today. Scared to death they will go down again.  Anyway thanks for the info, i wasn't aware that they could go down and still have a healthy pregnancy. It's horrible trying to get ready for Christmas and be positive for my little girl and at the same time be stressing about losing this little bean...especially after seeing his/her little form moving onthe ultrasound screen and actually seeing the little heartbeat
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Sorry I am not able to give you any insight on the beta results.
Can't you call your doctor's office and ask them if they have the results back from the tests? I can totally understand how difficult it must be for you to wait.
I am positive your baby is fine since the bleeding has stopped. Be strong and think positively and every thing will be fine. Good luck and keep us posted as soon as to how things progress..
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yeah it was only a small little bit of bleeding and there was no signs of it when they examined me at the hospital..no cramping or anything like that..thanks Ladybugbc :) I need all the positive thoughts i can get, i'm not very good with positive thinking lately with all of this happening.
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I have seen so many stories among women here that they have had bleeding/spotting during early pregnancy and every thing turned out just fine. I am 20wks now and I know how uneasy it makes me for every little cramp and twitch I feel. I think it's normal. Any news back from the doctor's office?
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No nothing yet..they had to send the blood out to the lab though so they probably won't get results back until at least tomorrow :( Trying to stay positive but it's really hard...so scared she's going to say the hormones are still decreasing.  Thing is I still feel pregnant...still tired, queezy...and i can feel the pains you get from your uterus stretching...it's so frustrating...if i wasn't worried enough about the slight spotting, now i have the hormone thing
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I would get a second oppinion if the doctor thinks something is wrong... I never had my levels checked after 6 weeks... I am sure all is well
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Hang in there! Stay positive as much as possible and try to accept that in some ways it's out of your control, and that giving yourself as little stress as possible is best.  ( I know that is so much easier said than done). :)  It must be really hard waiting on the Dr., I wish they could do it all faster!  Wishing you good luck and godspeed to the dr.'s tests.

Stay well and you are going to be okay. xx
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i dont want to be a downer but your hcg levels do rise well before 9 weeks, mine were rising as soon as i found out when i was about 4 weeks. but with that said PLENTY of pregnancies are viable with hcg levels that aren't rising properly!! don't panic darlin & let us know how it goes!! i will be watching this post to see if you're okay!
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hi worrieddd...they've been rising fine all along it's just that they seem to have stopped at 9 weeks..when is exactly when we had the ultrasound and all appeared well..that's what has me worried...until then everything has been fine. they're up around 59,000 which is fine for my dates but they've seem to hit a stall and that's what has her and I worried
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I told you your levels start to decrease...if you look up beta hcg levels it will show you how they start to deline! If you levels were rising before then i would say everything is fine...your going to worry yourself! lol
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