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11+4 Couldnt find heartbeat please help :(

Ok so i went to the doctor today to get some blood test results back and a letter for the hospital next week.. Then she told me hop up on the bed and she would let me hear the heartbeat, i was soo excited wasnt expecting it.. She used a doppler for 15mins and couldnt find anything and now im really scared.. I burst out crying and she told me dont worry just wait for my scan next thursday.. Im so upset i just wanna know if my babys ok this is what i was scared of.. Is it normal to not hear a heartbeat at 11 weeks? :( :( I read they get one at 6 so why didnt mine show :( i feel i cant wait a week to know im so scared :'(
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I'm so sorry hun I know as an expecting mom myself how scary that must have been for you. Try your hardest not to be so worried until they give you the ok too...its easier said then done I'm sure. When they first looked for my little man's heartbeat they had trouble finding it because he was so low in my uterus. I will be praying extra hard for you and your baby this week, stay strong!
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I wouldn't worry just yet. 11 weeks is still very small and very hard to hear on a Doppler. Just wait for your scan, I'm sure everything is fine! Best of luck!
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In some cases,  a technician can't find the heartbeat because the equipment is a little faulty or they're not good at it,  or the baby is in a weird position.  

I would call and ask for another heart beat check - Thursday is a LONG way away and it seems cruel to ask you to wait that long.

Do you "feel" pregnant?
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With my first I couldn't hear her heartbeat on the Doppler until 14 weeks. At 12w the same thing happened and they did an ultrasound. With my son I changed practices and my ob did an ultrasound every appt.  
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I didnt hear mine at 13 weeks... The scan is how i found out. ur over worrying.
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They tried to find heartbeat when I was that far along, doctor got mad at nurse for trying bc its too early he said, but I'm now 28+2 weeks and baby is doing great! Try not to stress it was probably just too early :)
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I wish she didnt even try.. Im jus so scared... Thank you for your prayers ill let you know how the scan goes.. @Rockrose i dont know if i feel pregnant i dont know what to feel, my boobs still hurt and im really tired, i have a little nausea but i never had it bad anyway. I just thought she would hear it after saying she would show me :( .. Your stories make me feel better tho, i feel like sleeping until next thursday this wait is gonna kill me :( Thanks for replys
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Also does anyone know how much a doppler costs and where i would find one? I feel like getting one so i can keep trying at home.. I have so much college work to do for 2mro and i just cant relax...
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They couldn't find my baby's heartbeat when I was 13 weeks and I started to get worried but the doc took me in the ultrasound room and went in vaginally and found her. I have tilted uterus so she was too far back too find it with the Doppler. So don't worry. That could b the case.
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They sell Dopplers at babies r us. ( not sure where u live) there like $50-$80
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I live in Ireland i only ever heard of toys r us lol.. I might have a look around for one in a while.. I really wanna hear it i hope its ok. Thanks again for replys :)
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Hun it's no need to worry at 16 weeks my dr couldn't find my baby with her Doppler she had to use the ultrasound but there it was pumping away :)
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Wow really helps to hear of other people not hearing theirs and turns out everything was fine !! :) Really cant wait for scan next thursday.. I know i shudnt have but i bought a baby box last  week and ive heard thats bad luck so that makes me worry too.. Thanks sooooo much girls!!! Bit more relaxed now :)
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my Dr waited till I was 16 weeks to use the actual shopper. before then she would use ultrasound machine to get it everytime. I guess now she was being cautious and didn't want to give me or my husband an unnecessary scare.
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I wish mine done that too lol... I feel a little better now, just anxious for next thurs.. I was there on my own because i thought i was just collecting blood test results, my mom and my boyfriend got an awful fright when i came home and they seen the state of me lol
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Im sorry you got upset :( my first appt was at 11 weeks and they couldn't find my baby at the dr office but my nurse said they are still tiny at 11 weeks and i was going straight to the dr for my sonogram so i was ok. Everything turned out perfect and im.now 34 weeks with a strong healthy baby girl and my nurse knows exactly where to find my baby at my appts :) im sure you'll be the same maybe call.and see if you.can get bumped up sooner for your u/s
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Wow must have been a very scarey experience for you. Here in England they dont let you listen to the heartbeat until 16wks. Before 12 weeks the uterous is still behind the pelvic bone so this is why you couldnt hear it. Its easy for me to say but i honestly wouldnt worry. You can safely use a doppler from about 14weeks but be patient i couldnt find the heartbeat and freaked i literally lay on my side and right at the bottom found it its like a swishing noise. You can buy dopplers off ebay or amazon for about £15-£30 i have the angel one its really good if you do get one look on youtube first so you know what your looking for as its very easy to mistake your own heartbeat for babys but once you define the difference its really easy.
Good luck for your scan and fingers crossed in the meantime if your worried nip to a&e :) hope everything turns out well for you :)
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Ya it was really scary, and i know what u mean about my heartbeat i got really excited and i was like omg thats sooo cute and the doctor started laughing and said thats yours sorry i should have said :( lol i shud have knowing it would be faster.. I think im really gonna get one :) ill check ebay thanks :) And thank you all soo much for the well wishes/prayers :) Ill let you all know how the scan goes next week :) Thanks again!! :)
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lou1113 dont worry mommy im sure your baby is fine, i just heard my babies heart beat when i was 23 weeks n that was my first time you cant clearly hear it but my doctor told me they are too little to hear it in the doppler i think u have to be 20 weeks to hear but not sure, dont give urself stress im sure you baby is moving and jumping im a fist time mommy so i know ur frustration. Congrats on ur new bundle of joy
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Thank you eve :) Had horrible morning sickness just now so that makes me feel better lol :) 7 more sleeps until my scan!!! :) So excited! Thanks for replys! :) :)
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Hey, this message is a bit delayed, but try not to worry. I had a scan early on and saw the heartbeat, but when I was about 11 weeks I started to worry sonething was wrong, they used a doppler but couldn't find babies heartbeat, just mine. I had to then wait 9 days for a scan to check. When I got there everything was perfect. It may just be too early. I wish you the best ") oh and morning sickness and nausea are a good sign everything is okay. My midwife told me that all the time. Good luck. Keep us updated. X
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Thanks for message vickymaybaby :) I hope thats the case with me too.. Its so hard not to worry lol.. I never had morning sickness at the start i was delighted when i did get it lol :) Ill let you know how the scan goes :) 7 more dayyys!! :) :) :) Thanks everyone for replying, feel alot better that im not the only one :)
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When he used the doppler did he also have his fingers,in your vagina pushing on your uterus? I went to my appointment Tuesday, I was 9 weeks exactly. My Dr used the doppler and had two of his fingers inserted in my vagina pushing my uterus, he found the heartbeat within a minute said it was good and strong.
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Rockrose! Welcome back, I've missed your honest opinions
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