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16 and half weeks pregnant and experiencing bladder pressure?

I am 16 weeks and 4 days today (not sure whether to post this here, hoping that the 18-34 is age and not weeks), and for the past couple of days I have been feeling quite a bit of pressure on my bladder. It kind of feels like I constantly need to pee, even when I just go, I feel like my bladder is full straight after. It doesn't hurt to pee really, but sometimes I get the feeling where it feels like I've held it in for ages and it's ready to burst. I've also all of a sudden gone from not having any kind of bump, to having one (a small one, but it's still there). I was just wondering if this is normal? This is my first pregnancy so I'm not sure what to expect. Thanks for the help! :)
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It's normal. I'm 18 weeks, 2 days and I have that same constant pressure. It's just the babys positioning, nothing to worry about. I go through a roll of toilet paper in a day and constantly feel the need to pee but rarely seem to get more than half a cup out at a time. Even then I still feel like I gotta go. You're fine, quit worrying and enjoy, lol. ((:
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Its AGES 18 to 34. There are forums for Teenage Pregnancy (before 18 yrs) and a forum for High Risk Pregnancies (35 yrs and up).
What your expieriencing is completely normal. Your baby is gaining more weight and putting alot of pressure on your bladder. And since this is your first pregnancy your abdominal muscles are tighter than a mother that has had multiple children. So the little baby bump is normal. But the whole peeing things is just going to get worse as you get bigger. So take it day by day and remember a constant full bladder is just one of many sacrifices you are going to have to make for your growing baby. Good Luck!
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It does sound normal. What will happen as you get bigger, your uterus will keep moving up and you can expect some relief shortly...  but it will be short lived and will come back again as you get further along.. I found aorund 22 weeks, I didnt really feel that kind of pressure again until 30 weeks..

At your next prenatal, I would ask to be tested for a UTI to be safe.. It could be a minor one and you dont necessary need pain to be able to have one.. WHen I was pregnant the first time, I was peeing alot and constantly felt like I needed to pee and turned out I had a UTI... I thought it was normal increase in frequency and urge until i learned otherwise....  

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