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18 weeks throwing up yellow bitter acidity stuff

Any one else experience anything like this? I've been sleeping horrible, I wake up sick to my stomach and feel like there is something in my stomach that makes its way up my esophagus.. Then in morning I end up runnin to toilet and I'm throwing up this yellow/ lime colored very bitter liquid. It's the only thing that comes out, no food or anything like that. It's horrible. I'm 18 weeks, would think morning sickness be better by now. Then after throwing up , I have an absolute horrid throbbing  headache. Such a horrible cycle:(
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Ive had the same im 17 weeks. I find keeping something in your stomach like crackers and water before bed makes it not so bitter or burn me.As for the headaches im not really sure
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Drink more water!!!!!!! That should cure the headache!
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That gross stuff is also just from salivating so much. Happens to me too!
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That's stomach acid. Try to eat something so you're not just having straight acid on your esophagus.
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I'm 18 weeks and 3 days. I had morning sickness everyday from 4 weeks till 14. It went away then came back. Then whole time I was sick I had that. And I still have it.
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Stomach acid!! It's a pain in the azz!! I had it from 10 weeks to 17 before it stopped
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Yea I had the exact same thing up until 15 weeks it *****!!! Hopefully it gets better soon!
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Its your stomach lining. After the yellow you'll throw up clear stuff. I've thrown my stomach lining up too many times.
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Yes ive had it with both pregnancies im 32 weeks and still get it once and a while
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Alot of your blood is going to the baby hence the headaches.drink plenty of fluids and go for some walks to keep the blood circulating.the dr gave me this advice and it has helped alot.
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Yep My Dr. Says It's Bile. It Really Sux Hope U Feel Better Soon :)
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It's stomach lining!! I know it's horrible try drinking water
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That's BILE! You're stomach is too empty, you need to be eating at least 6 small meals throughout the day. Snack on things like pretzels, almonds, whole grain saltine crackers. It's not good to be throwing up bile like that, if it's becoming painful, talk to your OB because you may have a hernia or some obstruction that isn't sitting well with your body and pregnancy. DRINK LOTS OF WATER, STAY HYDRATED!!!
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I got that really bad the beginning and if I dont drink water be a shower. Horrible but I mean its wroth it
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I have that when I don't have food in my stomach trt eating a little
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That happened to me when I was pregnant with my twins.   It was to the point where I had to go to the ER and they put a IV in.  Maybe get it checked and make sure to drink plenty of water or juices and eat something so there's food in your stomach.
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I went to the er for that when I was 12 weeks . Turns out I sas dehydrated and thsy hooked me to the iv and I had to stay overnight thdy said it was dangerous for my baby ...
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I have that and im 23 weeks but I have meds I have to take on an empty stomach and not eat for a hr after taking. If u dont have meds like that keep bland foods by bed to snack on and drink a lil caffeine not diet soda to help with headache and use a cold compress
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I had this exact thing. Still do. It started at around 15 weeks. TELL YOUR DOCTOR!!! It's probably GERD. Tums did nothing. OTC medicine did nothing. Eating made it worse, as did drinking water.

At first I felt the gurgles and almost... Hungry. But hungry nauseous. Not eating made it worse. Eating made it worse. You can't win. :\

I went in to my prenatal appointment after weeks of not sleeping and throwing up acid and bile with no relief. He prescribed Protonix. I took one dose. ONE.


I'm not kidding. Make an appointment ASAP. Don't make yourself suffer. :( DO NOT drink milk because it makes it worse for us. If you can do bread or crackers, try it as it might absorb acid. I couldn't do them very often in the moment lol. I slept sitting up often. Try putting your hands over your head; my doctor said it expands the stomach so less acid comes up. Stay away from chocolate. Oreos and Coco Puffs are really bad for me. :\

But yeah. Go to your doctor and ask about medicine because if it's this bad this early like with me, normal things won't help. I hope you feel better!
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