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2 Week Wait Continued...

Sorry ladies the other thread was getting really long. So by my chart (if I even ovulated on my own) I would be 3-4 dpo; Please share your fears, BFP/BFN, symptoms or anything else. We are all here to help each other in this long 2 week wait... SSBD!
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yesterday Af was due but its not here. i have been having little cramps every once and a while and only last for about a minute since day before yesterday...but no period yet. i havent decided if they feel like period cramps or not...theyre pretty short and a little sharp/tight feeling. usually my af cramps are more dull and really well...crampy lol ive been considering going for a walk to the corner drug store to get a test but im super nervous to test only because this time i feel like this could actually be it....and ill feel like a total crazy person if its negative and i just dont know if i want to waste money on another negative test. my major tip off was a got some major acne a week and a half ago and i never get zits anymore...not since junior high! im also peeing like crazy since yesterday but who knows that could be the nerves and im hungry as all get out but everything tastes SUPER SALTY and its gross...like crackers and stuff. does anyone wanna test with me? i need a hand holder lol!
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lol I will hold your hand even though it is still too early for me to test. I have heard that the salt thing (from more than one person) that it is an absolutely a good sign! I would just go ahead and take the test.I will be here waiting for you!
***PS My doc told me not to do anything but opks. I am scheduled to do IUI next month but my doc wants to see if I ovulated on my own since I lost a little bit of weight (almost 10 pounds) and sometimes that can make all of the difference. I have my fingers crossed for you!
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thanks for the response....ick! im just soo nervous im trying to pick a time like...if i dont get af by 2:00 then ill go get a test but i keep rising it lol like ok ok if i dont get it by 4 ill go get one. haha im ridiculous i know but i cant do it ...if i was pregnant this would be pretty unexpected we've had accidents in the past but never got pregnant and we were wondering if maybe there was something wrong with one of us becuz no one has this many accidents and doesnt get pregnant lol. and i just think it would be ironic because yesterday was df's and I's 5 year anniversary of being together and it would be like "happy anniversary honey...im pregnant!". Normally that would be cool and an awesome present but he would be a nervous wreck becuz his strong catholic parents will freak if we got pregnant before the wedding...but hey **** happens and i think babies are blessings! god has a different plan for us all...even getting pregnant before weddings. besides we havent even set a date! How did the Opk's turn out? did u do any yet?! i hope you ovulate all on ur own!! and congrats on the weight loss! with the way ive been eating i would be a giant pregnant woman!!
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I'm still here, still no period, still negative tests, still going crazy trying to figure out wth is wrong with me :( wishing my obgyn wasn't such a dipwad...grrrr....only place i can find that will see me with out me being a preexisting patient is the urgent care clinic here....I can't go to another gyn becuase my insurance only covers ONE well visit a year, laready did that and got nowhere, so if i go to another it's outta pocket and i can't afford that...so urgent care it is...i'm going after work and I'm gonna TRY to get them to do a beta HCG, check pituitary and thryoid function and a cbc.  I'm also going to mention a head injuray from back in february .  I fell down the steps (just the last couple) but i smacked the back of my head on a block wall and i blacked out for a split second.  I read that a head or neck injury can cause pituitary malfunction.  So we'll see what happens tonight.  I wont' get results of ANY blood work they do for a few days, but atleast if they actually DO some it's a start.  

I can't believe my reg gyn wants me to just chart bbt for another 3 months...by then i will be 5 months with no period....i don't think that's healthy....can't that cause issues with the lining of the uterus getting too thick?  He's *****.  I'm definately not going back to him.   I'm just aggravated and fed up with this whole situation.
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LOL I am not sure if i ovulated but I went to my fertility specialist yesterday and she said if I didnt get af in 10 days then I will have to go back to provera and things will get pushed back a little bit like 10 days then I should start and then on to IUI. I can't tell the positives from the negative opks anymore and she told me to go out and buy a different kind of test but I guess that I wont need them if I have to do IUI. She did mention that the opks can pick up pregnancy too... she told me to stop checking my cervix and taking my temp and just do the opks. I cant believe that I am so screwed up that that is the only thing that can be of any use at that point... It would be a complete miracle if I got pregnant this month! My bbs are lightly sore but who knows! I hope the best for you and you need to let me know if you need my hand to hold! I wish the best for you!
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nickie- Thanks! i will deffinitly post before i test if i end up going to get one..we'll see how i feel in a while..maybe ill get brave!

losingmymind- That *****! do u have pregnancy symptoms or are u just periodless? and how long has it been?
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