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2 kids 18 months apart!!!!!

Any other young moms in this situation. I'm only nervous because I don't know how this new baby will affect my first! Advice! Please!
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I'm in the same boat. I just turned 20 and I had my son September 18 and I am due with my second on September 29. I'm nervous too. My mom had my sister and I 14 months apart and she said you just have to not worry about it till you cross that bridge because you never know how the will react till the next one comes.
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I had my 1st baby 16 days after my 18th.  I had my 2nd almost exactly 18 months to the day later when I was 19. In my experience I had about a week of jealousy from my son shortly after my daughters birth and even then it was only when I sat down to feed her cz he knew I would be there for a little while. He soon realised though that all he received was negative attention from me when he played up so he started either playing happily on his own or he came up next to us and had cuddles or story time until she had finished. The thing that helped the most was getting him involved. Even at 18 months there is a lot they can do to help like getting an item or asking them to keep baby entertained whilst you change the nappy etc... to be honest 18 months is alolovely gap to have. My midwife told me it's one of the easiest age gaps to have between children when it comes to jealousy and you generally coping. :) hope this helps x
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I had my first baby when I was 17 and my 2nd 15 months later at 18 and then I had my 3rd child by 21. It was tough to have 3 kids so close in age while they were very young but it's turned out to be pretty great now that they're older. All you need is a good support system and the drive to be a great parent and it'll all work out fine. Good luck
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I'm 20 my daughter is 15 months and I'm due in December! My daughter kisses my belly and pulls my shirt up trying to see the baby lol just keep telling your son about the new baby and how much he or she loves him!
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I'm 21 and all three of mine will be close I'm due in August my oldest son is 21 months old and my second son is 7 months old my oldest didn't like the idea of a new baby at first but now him and my second are so close :)
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Hi, my eldest 3 kids are close in age my dd is 9, then my eldest ds is almost 8, there are 18 months between my first and second, my middle ds is 6, there is 17 months between my first ds and second ds. It was hard work in the early days as I had a 2/just turned 3 year old, 17 month old and new baby.I have no family close by and dh works long hours. But now they are older they enjoy doing the same things. I also have a 2 year old ds. It was nice having the gap to experience just 1 baby again, but in a lot of ways I wish I'd had him closer to my other 3 as he is definitely my last and what he likes and my others like isn't always the same. You will cope, and some days will be harder than others...but if you plan to have all your children close it gets the hardest baby years out of the way in one go. Good luck!
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My twin boys will be 22 months when my baby girl is born... what the heck was I thinking?! :)
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