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20 Week Ultrasound/Qualifications

I'm pregnant w/ #2 & approaching the 20 wk. ultrasound.  For #2, I switched to an OB w/in the same practice that delivered my 1st. I felt the experience of the appts w/ a new OB would be a complimentary education & I'd be content w/ either OB during the delivery.

At my 1st appt, I was told about JuicePlus+. The OB is a salesperson for the supplement on the side.   On my 2nd appt, I was asked/told about JP+ again.

I'm 40 & was 37 w/ my 1st, so I've had similar prenatal care as during my 1st pregnancy. At the 15 wk. follow up blood draw at the perinatal office, the team said I need to make the 20 wk. ultrasound appt ASAP.  I didn't have my 20 wk. ultrasound there w/ my 1st & was told that I should ask my OB which location is preferred.  My 1st 20 wk. ultrasound was in the imaging center in the hospital my OB is affiliated w/, by a technician, & reviewed by a radiologist, who met w/ me about the results.

I contacted my new OB last Friday to determine if I should have my 20 wk. ultrasound at the hospital imaging center or at the perinatal center. I was told that my OB would do it, in the office.  I am concerned that the in-house equipment is not nearly as advanced as what is in the hospital imaging center, but also do not know enough as to whether she is truly qualified to perform this procedure.  I don't see why I would go to an OB when a imaging center is right next door to their office w/ better equipment & trained technicians who work w/ a trained radiologist.

What is nagging me is whether the OB is "lining her pockets" much in the same way as w/ the JP+ side-business where JP+ packets are provided during OB visits.  I would guess that her practice generates the income off the procedure if she does it herself instead of the hospital imaging center.

I want the best care.  How do I know if she is appropriately trained/qualified to provide me w/ the best 20 wk. ultrasound & care overall?  Would you switch OBs?  Am I worrying unnecessarily?  Thank you!
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Trust your instincts!
I think is in unconscienable for a physician to "push" nutritional supplements.  When my patients ask about them, I refer them to someone else to buy them.  I don't think they are harmful, but I do think they are expensive!  And yes, if your doctor does the ultrasound herself, she will be able to bill for the scan AND the interpretation of the scan both.  If the equipment at the hospital is better and the interpretations are better--go there first and tell her about it later.  Make sure you have all the appropriate referrals in line for your insurance company though!
Good luck!
Dr B
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