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23 weeks facing an early delivery

im 23 weeks and facing an early delivery. at 24 weeks are are getting a shot of stroids to help mature my sons lungs... very scared and just sometimes need to talk to other people that have been here before or know whats going on. please if you can help just say hi even.
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Oh hun, I am so sorry. I will be praying for you and your son.
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So sorry that you are going through this. The idea of having a preemie can be very scary! I had steriod shots and PTL with both of my kids. DD was born at 30 weeks and DS at 36. I am currently 19 weeks pg again.
Is there a reason you are expecting an early baby? I see mention of placenta previa in the "tags". Do they have you on bed rest right now? Is this your first baby?
Hang in there hunny, depending on your situation there may be several things they can do to get you closer to term, and if you do deliver early there is so much they can do for those tiny babies now a days. I know a girl that delivered at 25 weeks due to an incompatent cervix and failed cerclage. Although her little boy had a really rough time at first he is now a healthy happy almost 2 year old.
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first off i would like to say hello i know that sometimes you need people to talk to and that is why we are all here for support and i will gladly talk with you i know that you are scared what i would do is try and stay calm for your son's sake the added stress could make you go into labor faster just remember that god holds your hand throught the hard times and he will be there with you every step of the way.i will be praying for you and your son that everything will be ok and strength and courage for you.
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hello! Sorry to hear what you are going through hun. My mom had my half brother at about 24 weeks. He was super small but he is alive and well he is 2 now and pretty much perfectly healthy (she didnt get the steriod shots either went into full blown labor to fast) I jst wntd to give you some hope that everything can be ok. Ill be thinking of you and praying for you and baby. Why r u having him so early? TAKE IT EASY!!! keep us updated!!

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Thank you all so much. I have placenta previa i have been on bed rest for two weeks and they want me to stay on untill i have the baby my due date is february 3 2010. I ended up bleeding really bad in the middle of the night on the 25th of septemeber ended up going to the hospital and was in there for 3 days i got to come home and only was allowed to get up to to potty that was all this last saturday morning i got up with my family ( i have a one year old and a two year old lil girl and my wonderful husband) and there was more blood. we called 911 like my dr told us to do and wound up staying in the hospital over night. They put me on magnisium to calm my uterus just in case there was any contractions or cramping that i couldn't feel. I have an apointment tomarrow with my OB dr. They want to give me the stroid shot just incase i have to end up delivering before they want me to.
i have never been so thankful for god or frineds at this point my husband my self and my children pray every night before we go to bed that our lil Brody will be ok and make it closer to his due date.
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My aunt had her twin boys 3 months early they gave her a steriod shot and did a emerg c section babies weighed 2' 11 2 '13 they were incubaded for 3 months they were on med's after they came home, but they are 9 now, no defects no nothing healthy as a horse. She was at Houston's women hospital. It will be ok honey try not to get stressed it streses the baby ya no this though.
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