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24 weeks and up!

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new thread!
Anya - 25w2d
Maria-25 weeks on Wednesday!
I bet everyone else is getting there very fast and enjoying the pregnancy very much!
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I wanna join!! 25w 2d as well.
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Welcome Darkestlight!
I guess you and are are due the same day?> Hows your pregnancy going? Any weird symptoms going on?
I have few BH everyday that make me nervous, do you experience those?
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Hi there Anya, I am 24 weeks and 3 days, feeling greta, belly still growing at an amazing rate. There are good days and there are days I can't even find myself comfortable anymore in bed, but overall good.

Maria- hope your pelvic and belly button pain is getting better, mine is definitly better. Guess is part of pregnancy.

Darkeslight- glad you can join us, hope you find our group helpful and supportive.
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25 weeks today!

Anya and Eterninad, You are right. We are worrying so much about our babies and hence we end up seeing bad dreams.

Eternidad- I was thinking I was the only one going through the pelvic pain. Its gets very bad in the night, cant turn from side to side. My OB said to use heating pad(but how can you put it there) and also could take Tylenol. Did your doctor say anything?

Dreamgirl- Dont worry your mother will get her visa soon. But you should apply soon, cant wait for the last moment.

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I wanna join too!! I am 24 weeks and 2 days.
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I'm 24 weeks and 3 days! :]
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Welcome GRose and Kimberlee_20! Do share your experiences and symptoms.
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Woho, welcome everybody!!

Maria - so you have pelvic pain, is that a pressure pain or what kind? Cuz I get pressure down there when I need to pee or sometimes when I just get up from a chair or a bed...not sure what that is... I still think its good that you haven't experienced any BH -they worry me but I guess I am fine..

Oh, and I decided to switch my doc to a midwife....what do you all think?! I heard that midwifes are more personal to you and overall better and won't try to cut you just because.. I believe they don't cut, and if emergency happens and I need to have a c-section or to be cut down there, the doc will be on call and will come right a way...
Plus , with midwife, I will get an u/s at 34 weeks or so!! I am a little hesitant...but I have a first appt with a midwife next Friday, we will see how it goes! Its just that my doc is going to be on maternity at that time PLUS I want more personal attitude towards me I guess...
I want to hear your opinions!
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Anya- I love midwifes, is not they are diffenet medically from docs, is just they are a little bit more holistic and look at you not only as a pt but as an indivuaal. I have worked with some midwifes and if they need to do an episiotomy (cutting) they will do it, but you better discuss this with them.
Overall I think is a great idea.
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Anya- The pain is very bad... its on the pelvic bone and for me its on the right side. Also sometimes the pain travels to my right buttocks and thighs. OB said it must be the Sciatic nerve. It might get better over time or might get worse too. Yes I haven't experienced BH till now, or may be I did and didn't know about about it. What exactly is the feeling?

I do not have any experience with midwife. My grand mom used to be a midwife in her days. I heard that its a routing to do a ultrasound in 34th week. I will ask my doctor when I go for the appointment on 8th.  If you feel you are comfortable with the mid wife then you can go along. But I dont know what extra would they do other than doctors.

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Eternidad- I believe the midwife doesn't do the cutting, the doc does. So he will be there in case the cutting should occur but they try not to cut you..Also, I read this article that said that tearing is actually better then cutting. If you are interested, I can send the link!
Are you seeing a doc or a midwife? Everyone I spoke with, love midwifes, so I think I will go with them! Its still the same hospital and all...

Maria- I am so sorry that you have those pains...I hope it iwll go away, can you walk?
The BH is distinct- its a very uncomfortable feeling where your stomach pops out and it is hard as a rock for only few seconds...sometimes you can really feel it and sometimes not. I bet you have those BH, u just can't feel it which is good :) Less pain for you!

I just found out that docs or midwifes won't really give you another u/s unless necessary...because u/s is not so good for the baby especially after 30 weeks ( I don't know why but that's what they said), and so no u/s will be provided for me :( bummer! Oh well, if it is not so good, then I guess I will have to deal with that!
I guess I wont see my little one until she is born :) But some docs probly do that, not mine..
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Well, thanks for welcoming me to the group lol.
So far my pregnancy has been pretty smooth sailing, I had pretty awful migraines that have pretty much subsided. I also had pretty bad nausea that lasted until about 18 weeks or so. Lately I have been dealing with some tummy issues and we are waiting for my symptoms to surface again so we can get to the bottom of it. Every couple weeks I go through 4 or 5 days of not being able to keep anything in or down and horrible stomach cramping. I have been very sleepy but cant seem to fall asleep at night or stay sleeping so that doesn't help.
I have been getting BH pretty regularly, at least that's what I think they are. It also feels like the baby is pushing down really hard, like I have to lay down cause he needs more room to stretch. It's a weird feeling.
I saw that you ladies were talking about ultrasounds, I have gotten so many with this pregnancy, so far 5. I will get one more for sure but closer to my due date since my baby was still in breach position and my OB wants to make sure that he turns.
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