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24 weeks pregnant and hive rash only comes at night???

Ok so Im guessing the hives I keep getting are a form of pupps but I want to know why I only get them at night?  Has anyone else experienced this or possibly know why?  Any info would help to put my mind at ease!!!  My other question is:  Ive been taking benadryl every night is that safe for my baby?  Im 24 weeks along.
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I doubt it is PUPPP since PUPPP usually lasts all day and all night long and doesn't really start until the 3rd trimester. It could be something more serious like ICP though. Have your palms and feet been itching? If so contact your doctor and have them test you for it.
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Bed Bugs!!!!!!!! seriously... that is my only guess....
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if it's hives/rash, then it's not ICP.  that is "unexplained" itching. you can irritate your skin from scratching to where it looks like you have hives or a rash, but it doesn't appear by itself.  in icp, the itching is caused by bile in your bloodstream----there is no skin involvement whatsoever.  It's itching (usually worse at night), not a rash.  

I gave myself what I thought was a rash from scratching (later diagnosed with ICP).  I hadnt realized I was doing it so much.  That could be it.  But Amanda, you didn't mention itching.  Does the rash just appear or is it preceded by itching?
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Ive been to the Dr several times and its not bed bugs or ICP.  The Dr said its most likely hormonal changes due to the pregnancy.  He also said pupps can come and go and you can get it any time during your pregnancy.  I was just wondering if anyone else had only gotten hives at night?  Thanks for your input though its appreciated.
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Unfortunately, Amanda, doctors can be wrong, and they can miss things.  That's why you're here, though, isn't it?  ;-)  Your doc doesn't know what to tell you.  As for ICP, most doctors miss that completely and have really outdated (and dangerous) information on how to spot it and treat it.  NOT AT ALL saying you have it, just making my point that just because he says you don't have bed bugs or ICP doesn't mean he's right.  Almost every woman diagnosed with ICP is first told multiple times that she doesn't have it.  

Anywhoooo.  Puppps is the "eczema" of pregnancy... (in dermatology, eczema is "everything else that we can't really explain" or "don't know, but it doesn't look dangerous so you should be ok, here have an ointment")

When your body reacts with itching or a rash or hives, there is a reason.  Period.  There is never no reason for it.  It could be benign.  It could be simple and harmless.  But there is still a reason.  It could be as simple as your body reacting to overheating at night (as is often the case in pregnancy).  This would fit with your description of sometimes feeling feverish when it occurs.  

It could also be as simple as an allergic reaction to a new detergent or fabric softener on your bed sheets.  But the benadryl should prevent this, so if it's still happening when you're on benadryl, it's probably not a histamine response (though it still could be).  

What is it that triggers you to wake up when you get the rash?  Is it painful? Itchy?  Do you feel hot? Cold?  Perhaps exploring this line of questioning could help you uncover the culprit.

What you are experiencing has not happened to me personally, nor to anyone I know of, but I don't know for sure what you are experiencing so maybe i do have some familiarity and just don't know it.  I hate to be vague, I just need more specifics to know if I have any insight for you.

My own experience with waking up in the middle of the night during pregnancy was strictly from headaches and then from the intense itching of ICP.
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I can also think of a few other things it might be, but they're rare and it would be noticeable that there was something there. The hives you say you have. How long have you had it for? Where did they start? Is there any blistering? Have they joined together at all? Is the bumps raised skin at all, or is it flat and just looks like bites.
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Well, what has been happening is that I wake up in the middle of the night with itchy hives (only if I dont take my benadryl before bed).  The hives mainly appear where I have been been laying agianst something or covered up, so the overheating could make sense.  I dont even know for sure what ICP stands for, I just know the Dr did some kind of liver function test on me.  So have your heard of other women getting hives and rashes due to overheating in pregnancy?
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ICP is Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy. It's diagnosed by blood tests which show elevated levels of bile and certain liver enzymes.

If it's only happening where you lay against something though, or when you're covered up, I would suspect it's less ICP or PUPPP and something more to do with a reaction your having to what you're laying on. Especially if it happens when you're not taking the medicine. Have you changed anything in your bed, such as detergents, a new kind of bedding or anything?
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No changes, I even tried sleeping on the couch and it still happened.  I honestly cannot think of anything I've done differently.
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I had Urticaria a year ago and the hives would come and go. Mine was stress and actually sweat induced. They had to treat mine with prednisone and a couple of different antihistamines. Benadryl is only one of the type of histamine blocler. Maybe try taking a different one like Zyrtec? See if that helps.
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I've been having these the past three nights. Whatever side I lay on gets bad hives. Last night they went all the way down to my ankles, they started the first night just on my stomach, they burn and  itch. I took Benadryl the first and second night. It did nothing, so last night I just didn't take any cause I don't want it to affect my baby at all.  I haven't changed a thing either. I don't know how much more I can stand
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Hi Amanda,

Im having the same issue. Did you have hives at night for the remainder of your pregnancy? Im only 16 weeks, Im hoping this will stop as I don't want to take Benadryl every night!
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So crazy because at night after I take showers and lay down my feet start itching really bad. It flares up when I scratch. It's starting now to bother me during the day. Today I had my 36 week appt & my doc recommended hydrocortisone, Benadryl, or Claritin... I'm trying the hydrocortisone tonight to see. It's been persistent for about a week now, so we will see how it works
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