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29 weeks and up!

Hello ladies!
Welcome to a new thread! most of us are already in week 30, and some like Joyce are about to deliver in a month! WOHO!
10 more weeks girls, hang in there!
Check out my new belly picture and tell me what you think...Since im not gaining weight I am kinda concern whether my belly looks smaller than it should...I will have manual measurements on Monday!
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thanks for the new thread anya... can not believe that most of you only have 10 wks to go... wow, 3/4 of the way done.... it is sooo amazing.  

i am not tired of being pregnant quite yet, but i am anxious to see this lil one... delivery exactly 1 month from today... weird feeling.
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Anya, your belly looks perfect!  :)

Driving to Ohio s*cked!!! I didn't drive at all, thank God!  But sitting in a moving car for that long was tough!  Especially on the way back. I really ended up feeling nauseated for a little while and was glad when it finally passed.  Other that that, the trip was fine.  Our meeting went well.   I think I'm going to start working from home soon.  I've been getting more and more exhausted as each day passes.  I woke about 4 times last night between peeing and being kicked by baby!  

I can't wait till next Mon for my u/s.  I just want to know that everything is ok.  I get so happy to feel the little munchkin move as much as he/she does.  

Eternidad, how are you feeling? When are you planning on taking leave?  Your job seems very labor intesive!  I get out of breath walking up the stairs too fast!  :)

Maria, I'm sorry about the shots.  I know it must s*ck!  I'm glad your parents are here with you.  I hope it makes things a little easier on you.  I can't wait to get past the 32 week mark.  I'll just feel better about things then.

Joyce, that's great that you had a nice shower.  I bet you can't wait for the next few weeks to fly by!  I know I can't!

9.5 weeks sounds like forever!!!!!

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ZUZ... believe it or not 9.5 weeks does go by pretty fast... you will be just a few weeks away before you know it...lol

my back and hips have been hurting REALLY bad during the night... feels like my hips are seperating... which is weird cause i have never felt that before. with everything that i am feeling with this one that i never felt with the other kids, i am wondering if i wont go into labor on my own BEFORE my csection date.  i kinda hope so... i have been having lil "twinges" at my cervix which are really odd feeling...doesnt really hurt just gives me like a whoa feeling...lol

anyhow hope the weekend goes by well for everyone.....
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bump...hopefully this will make it easier to find... have a great week
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Anya-Welcome to week 31. How do you feel? Thanks for starting the  new thread. I have been away from my comp. 9 more weeks... I haven't looked at your pic yet. I will do that soon.

Zuz- good to hear that your journey was fine. You should avoid long distance travel from now. Good that you can work from home. Don't worry your baby is fine. I will be having an ultrasound in my 32 week. Last time doc said baby was big and was in 96th percentile. I am worried if baby is big they might tell me to deliver early. I don't want to do it before 37 weeks atleast.

Joyce- you have just four weeks to go. Do you know when the doctor would suggest on early labor. Does the baby have to be certain weight? I don't want to go early.
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maria, i am not real sure what you mean by "when the doctor would suggest on early labor"...  i would assume that even if i go into labor early, that unless my water has broke, it will be stopped before 37 wks... which is only a week and a half away.  

37 weeks is considered full term, although some babies do still have breathing issues... but i know a few babies that were due may/june.. and were between 33-38 wks and they were all fine.  i guess it just depends on baby.

anyhow i am hoping the next 4 weeks go by quickly... 28 days... wow seems like such a short amount of time, and a long time all at the same time... lmao

because of the csection... my tracker is displaying about 6 days MORE than what there really is...lol
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Hi girls, glad to see we are all on track. I am doing well, have a doc appoit tomorrow, see how are my belly measurements then, hopefully fine.

Joyce- 4 more weeks for you, how nice, I bet you must be feeling quite ready, I am pretty sure you will have a wonderful baby and everything is going to go smooth.

Maria- Nice to hear you are doing well, sorry about having to take insuline shots. In the other thread you were worried about delivering early. I don't think you should worry about that bc if you are measuring right on target everything should go fine, maybe what the docs means is bc the GD your baby might, but remember migh be a little bit bigger, but that should not change your due date, so as long as your belly measures the right time you should be fine and I don't think you are measuring bigger right?

Anya- you belly pic looks BEAUTIFUL, you have such a nice belly, it looks great and right on target, your baby girl is going to be just perfect.

Zuz- glad everything went well with your Ohio trip, but sorry to hear it sucked, hat a bummer, I guess that nowdays our bodies are getting more tired then usual. I am planning to work until June 30th, my due date is JuLy 12, bc with my belly meausring so far ahead the docs and us are kind of a little worried baby might come out earlier than due date. So I am giving myself some time at home to get things ready.
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Hello ladies.  Just wanted to see how you all were doing.  Nice to hear everyone is pretty much good!

Joyce, you're lucky there's just a little more time left!  Hang in there!

Maria, don't worry about anything.  Everything is going to work out perfectly.  If baby wants to make his/her debut a little early, its ok.  You know that God has been with you every step of the way so He'll be there with baby too! I know that doctors are used to this sort of thing with GD so its not something new to them.  As long as they are monitering you and making sure all is ok, you should do great.

Eternidad, I'll say a special prayer for you that everything is ok tomorrow.  I know its hard not knowing.  I have the opposite problem from you.  Doc told me my tummy was measuring small and I freaked out.  He said that it could all depend on position of baby too.  Like baby may have been all curled up when he took the measurement so we'll see.  Is there any concern with how much you are measuring ahead?  Have you been feeling ok?  Did your doc say they want you to rest more or is it ok to work as much as you do?  I worry about you putting in all those hours on your feet!

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Hello ladies! Sorry I was away for 2 days, I just tried to catch up on my work since I have tons and they don't care that I am pregnant :(
Thank you for your wonderful comments on my belly :)
I went to doc yesterday and she measured my belly and said that it was 30 cm ... :( I was litle dissapointed because I am 31 weeks, but she said, don't worry.... Also, I have been gaining weight SUPER SLOW!!
Finally, my back hurts SOOOOO BAD these days! Every day and night its getting worse :( AND, I feel nausious here and there. I asked MW why I feel this way and she said it happens at 3 trimester when uterus is pushing on other orgrans. Its also normal not wanting to eat like before...I practically force myself to eat these days.  I have another appt in another 2.5 weeks and then starting week 37 I will go every week, and they will also check for station and dialation...Other than that, no news from me!
I know some of you will have your u/s, dying to know the measurements of the baby!

Maria, how are you hanging in there? How are your shots? Do they help?
Joyce, wow, 1 month to go......must be a special feeling, huh? I feel you for the hip and back pain..Don't have hip but definately have BACK PAIN and it is getting worse!

Eternidad, how did doc's appt go? What are the measurements?
Talk to you later girls!!!
2.5 months to go!! We can do that!
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Hi Everyone.  I hope you are all well.

Well, I found out some very bad news about my father in law.  He's been in the hospital since Sunday and was sent home today after blood tests revealed that his disease (He's had non-hodgkins lymphoma but recent tests showed that he has also developed an accute leukemia at its worst phase) is terminal.  They basically told him he has 2-3 weeks to live.  My husband and I have been crying our eyes out today.  I called my doctor and told him what was happening.  He said that there is no reason why I shouldn't go be with them in FL so he moved my u/s appt up to this Thurs where we've decided to find out the sex and share it with my father in law.  My husband is so sad over the fact that his dad won't get to meet our baby.  We're planning on flying out right after the appt.  I feel so bad for my hubby.  He's a mess.  He's called them like 15 times today for updates.    :(

Please keep them in your prayers.  I've never been in this situation before and I feel so helpless.  :(
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ZUZ-- so sorry to hear about your father in law, i know that has to be tough especially at this point in life.  take care on your trip to florida, and just make sure that he knows you are there and you love him... make his last days comfortable and surround him with love.
i know alot of this is easier said than done.

i know how it feels to KNOW that a parent(grandparent) wont be able to meet your little one, as i lost my mom almost 5 yrs ago, and it hurts me everyday knowing that this baby will not know how wonderful she was... but there are stories and pictures so there are ways for children to KNOW without the person there... i know it isnt the same but you can't let the child NOT know about the grandparent(s) who are missing from the family.

good luck and god bless
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Zuz- my prayers are with you, it is sad to have this happening at any time in your life but especially when your baby is coming. Sometimes miracles happen and with lots of prayers maybe he can hang in there to see your little one.

I went to my doc appoitm yesterday and surprising I am back to measure 30 weeks, exactly what I suppose, the doc said that probably the baby went through a growth spur before and now is back to normal, who knew. I am so happy things are turning back normal, not being worried anymore is a blessing. She says I am stillnot out of the loop and she will keep an eye on things but is looking up already.
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