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2X Tuesday!

Well BTS had her baby so I'm going to take this one over for a bit unless someone else wants to claim it? I believe someone PMed me about it but cannot remember who it was.

Anyway--------------- here are your 2X Tuesday questions

1). What was your favorite TV show as a kid?
2). What was your favorite toy as a kid?

Mine: 1). I loved My Little Ponies and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (hey, I had three brothers!)
2). Baby dolls
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My  Favorite TV show was the looney toons.  It's really the only show I can remember watching when I was younger.  I was always outside playing with my brother and his friends.  I remember I loved Momma's Family when I was at my great grandparents house

My Favorite toy on the other hand was the barbie dream boat!!! I loved that thing....I was really big on baby dolls and play money too.  I always wanted to be the banker at everything.
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Show~Mickey Mouse Club, Strawberry shortcake
Toy~ Babies and cabbage patch kids!
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Show~ 7th Heaven
Toy~ Babies or Barbie... Its a tie.
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Show~ SMURFS all the way!
Toy~ Iwas a Cabbage patch kinda kid! I loved being a mommy back then too! LOL
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Favorite show- the cosby show
favorite toy- my easy bake oven!!!!!!!!! i so wish i had on right now...
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favorite show was def THE SMURFS
fave toy was my make up beauty doll lol i think i had like 3 of them haha
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I liked smurfs, carebears and my little ponies
I loved playing with my baby dolls
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TV:  This is hard because you like different things when you are older.  I LOVED Fraggle Rock (I'm kinda like Red!), Muppet Babies, Care Bears.  We didn't have Disney Channel growing up, but if I did, I"m sure I would say Winnie the Pooh.  I also liked Saved by the Bell, and all of the NBC Saturday morning shows.

Toy:  I liked my Cabbage Patch Kids, and My Little Ponies.
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TV:  Tough...I had a few favorites:  My Little Pony and Care Bears when I was young...Jem and the Hollograms when I was a little older and .Punky Brewster/Saved by the Bell/Are You afraid of the Dark when I was too old for cartoons lol
Toy: Barbie...I thought I was Barbie...little did I know how hard it would be in life to have the man, mansion, clothes, the pink corvette and all the friends!
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My favorite TV show....Hmmm.....I can't really say a favorite.  I grew up watching things like the Brady Bunch, The Jefferson's, Good Times, Punky Brewster was one.  I just can't say a favorite, but I really enjoyed watching those and most of those were before my time as a little girl....Well, probably all but Punky.

Favorite Toy.....Well, I loved my Barbie Dream House.  I remember being really happy when Santa brought that for me, so I guess that would be it.  Oh, I also had these intercom phones.  They were really neat.  I would play with those with my friends and we would play "office".  Hmm......Now I am in an office every day....Yippie!!!  Can you hear the sarcasm in my typing???  LOL!
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Tv: I Loved my little ponies and Strawberry shortcake
Toy - would have to be barbies or a baby doll.... oh and i had a popple that i loved too!
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Tv - Punky Brewster & Saved By The Bell
Toy- Barbie's I think..
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