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2nd Pregnancy a little help please!!

This is my second Pregnancy and it is WAY different from my 1st. I have had Cramps for the last month now and ONCE and a while some spotting im about 8 weeks along now.....is this normal Has anyone else experienced the same thing? I called my Dr. and she said its normal but im just not use to it I guess and feel like im the only one that is going through this.....Thanks :)
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Looks like between 40-50% of the women on this site experience cramps throughout their pregnancy. Take a look:


If you're spotting, though, it's recommended that you see your doctor.

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I have had 4 sucessful pregnancies and 2 mc. I am pregnant now agian for the 7th time. I have had bleeding the whole time with all pregnancies and they never knew why. This time I had spotted a couple times and they did an us and found a subchorionic hemorage. It is supposedly more common now as the us show more then they used to. You can bleed with them and low progesterone can cause you to bleed too. Every time I bleed they put me on bed rest and "pelvic rest" Which means no lifting, pushing sex at all until you stop bleeding and or cramping. Have you ahd an us before? Most pregnancies that have bleeding go to full term. THey do not always know the reason. But I would deffinetly ask for a full scan to find any bleed and make sure everything is fine!!!!! You want to make sure you are not dialating from the inside out which means you have an icompitent cervix. See ther are many things and also things they can never find. You should use your instints though also. I think all mothers know if something is not right wether they know what it is or not!!!! Get checked for your peace of mind and to rule out anything bad. THen if you continue you need to go on complete bed rest!!!!! I know it is hard! Believe me but it can help! Best of luck to you. Also never listen to a docotr that tells you something without being checked first!!!!!!!! Get a new one! I have before and I would NEVER take a chance for my baby or sanity during my pregnancy. This is a life not a cold!!! Insist!!!!! Let me know what happens.
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I'm 38w2d with my 2nd child.

I cramped with both of my pregnancies starting around the time my first missed period was due.

I spotted light pink around my 8th week for about a week and a half to two weeks with BOTH of my pregnancies.

My doctor told me that LOTS of women spot around the 7th-9th week of pregnancy due to increased blood flow to the cervix, and a pelvic exam or intercoarse doesn't have to set off the spotting. It can just happen for no reason.

Ofcoarse ANY spotting or bleeding during pregnancy should NEVER be ignored and should be consulted with a doctor IMMEDIATELY.
But if your doctor isn't concerned, then you don't need to worry.

Cramping in the first trimester is almost a given.
It's gunna happen.
Your uterus is expanding, things are changing, not to mention your monthly is now temporarily non-exsistant.
So don't stress yourself.

Pregnancy is different for every women with every pregnancy.

My first pregnancy I had ALL the typical pregnancy symptoms. Nausea, tender BBs, cramping, bloating, etc.

With this pregnancy I didn't know I was pregnant for the first 3 months because I had NO symptoms what so ever!
Other than ofcoarse the missing period, but I was also exclusively breastfeeding at the time and that can cause your periods to not come here n there. And that's why I never thought I was pregnant because of that and not having any symptoms.

Good luck and congrats on your new addition!

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