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2nd Trimester

The 2nd trimester thread for all of you in the 2nd trimester. 2nd trimester is from week 14-27. Please feel free discuss all things related to where you are at in the 2nd trimester, like finding out baby's gender, nursery decorating, nesting, etc.
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Well im in my second trimester and im at week 18 and 3 days! :) Im feeling baby move but not as much as id like too..with my last i felt much move movement at this point...should i worry something is wrong or will every pregnancy be different!?? Im also tired and experiencing alot more heartburn..and sooo much peeing is going on that i cant sleep!! haha How about all you other ladies!
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I am in my second trimester also... I'm 23wks and 1 day. Its my first pregnancy.. Found out about a month ago that its a boy!!!  I feel him move all the time, he is so active it's crazy, but he doesn't kick when daddy puts his hands on my stomach, but as soon as he takes his hand away he starts kicking again. lol.. I think it drives my fiancee crazy.  And Rosa I feel ya on the urinating thing, I swear all I do is pee and eat all day.  Like here it is 3 in the afternoon, I got up at 9 and I have already gone pee at least 8 times.  Speaking of that I have to pee now :(. lol.. Its crazy.  And I can't make it through a night of rest without having to get up out of bed 2 or 3 times to use the bathroom.  My nipples feel really weird.  Can't even explain it. And they itch so bad along with my stomach and back.  And Rosa yea every pregnancy is different from what I hear.  I got about three weeks left in this trimester, which is sad, since it's said to be the best stage of a pregnancy, but I enjoy everyday that takes me closer and closer to my due date, Only 16 weeks left until my lil man is due to arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi ladies! I'm at 24 weeks and 1 day today and i was just thinking about how close im getting to the third trimester...which is crazy. i remember getting my BFP like it was yesterday...i can still feel that emotion. I found out at 16 weeks that my baby is a Boy, his name will be Matthew Aaron and he is pretty active...at what seems like the same times of day (he's a night owl..which is annoying lol but causes me to sometimes smile to myself in the dark) his kicks are deffinitly getting stronger as the days go by too...sometimes i think he's going to kick right through my tummy! my biggest complaint right now is lower back pain and pelvic discomfort (i think things must be spreading very recently) so ive been trying to rest a lot. i luckily have the ability to stay home and nest while DF brings home the bacon :) and nesting i have been LOL i've rearranged furniture...organized closets...cleaned cuboards. and all in the last 2 weeks. ive become completley insane trying to get things ready for baby...even though he's still a ways away! oh, and i ordered his crib bedding set the other day..it should be here soon...so excited!!! we're doing a nautical type theme..with sailboats. (df  loves sailing and working on his sailboat)
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oh and Rosa, every pregnancy is different! just because this little one is more mellow doesnt mean anything is wrong with him/her! My little man didnt start kicking at all until 21 weeks...i only felt flutters! i was freaking out....but he is just as healthy as ever!
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i am 20 weeks 2 days!! i feel my little girl moving all the time, but mostly when i lay down! i think she's still little to make big kicks for me to feel when im standing. we have decided to name her arianna grace (which means very holy and god's favor...which i LOVE)...im going to start planning my baby shower in about a month...im so excited i want it to come faster!! and im so ready to start working on the nursery although i think im gonna make myself have a little more patience with that one...its nice being in this stage,,,theres not too much to worry about..the only thing i really fear right now is preterm labor. but im young & healthy so i dont think im at too much risk for that!! im feeling braxton hicks now every once in awhile..they dont hurt very much just kinda feel like a charlie horse in your leg would but not quite as painful! oh & i play with my heartbeat doppler all the time, i LOVE it..i rented it from baby beat for 27 dollars for one month...i have to return it soon but im thinking about renting it for another month,, i worry so much at random times and it really has helped me a ton! (so highly recommended)....i only have one more ultrasound to look forward to at 28 weeks..it'll be 4d and its $120..YIKES..but completely worth it..anyways i think that about does it, sorry for the novel!! :) oh and rosa i think that your placenta could just be on the front of your uterus instead of the back, which can muffle some of little baby's movements but is totally normal & safe. mine is on the back, thats why i started feeling her at 17 weeks.
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This is so exciting, I wanted to post another comment!!!!!! once again I'm 23 wks 2 days. lol.. My son is so active, there isn't more than 5 minutes that pass without him kicking, or fluttering.  His name is Cole Patrick.. OOOO so cute!!!!! I'm planning my baby shower soon, actually very soon, I gotta have the invitations out by the end of the month so I better get on that.lol  I figured 32 wks along would be a great time to have a baby shower.  And I'm looking forward to the after shower so I can go shopping without buying anything I'm gonna have already.  I am ordering the bed set, car seat, high chair, swing, pack n' play, stroller and diaper bag off from babiesrus.com sometime within the month and I can't wait.  

worried: I really wanted to get the 3d u/s next month, its like 100 dollars here I want it so bad but everyone's trying to talk me out of it, cause it could be harmful to the baby.  And mostly people get those later on if they couldn't tell the sex  at the 20 wk u/s. So they figure since I know that I shouldn't take any chance, and use that money on baby stuff.  But I would love to see my baby again before he gets here.  So what should I do? Listen or do it behind their backs? lol

Well anyway I'm just so excited... Especially since I do feel like it was yesterday when I found out I was 4 wks pregnant!!! Now I'm three weeks away from being in the third trimester already!!! Well good luck to all and Congrats to all the second trimesters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I started to feel my baby move at 13 weeks though! lol..this baby dont move as much as my son did! I think its because i have weight on my belly already! ?
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ugh. not to be the pessimist, but I hate being pregnant. I am thankful that my baby girl is ok so far (i'm 26 weeks) but this pregnancy is my third and lets just say it was ... unplanned. I'm not leaving the hospital without my tubes tied,lol. I wasn't in the greatest health before I got pregnant (I suffer from severe general anxiety and moderate major depressive disorder) I am untreated as most meds are not safe during pregnancy and I just can't wait until April gets here. Acid reflux, sciatica, pelvic bone seperation, and for some reason I get hives like crazy this time. but at least i'm past the halfway point! This is just extremely hard for me to handle with a mood disorder and mental health issues. I'm happy it isn't worse though.  
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Maybe its just a little mellow baby girl :) and thats why "she" acts different than your son?
376148 tn?1309903177
Thats kinda what i was thinking...i have a strong feeling that this time around im having a baby girl!! I want to find out soo bad but then i dont get my suprise at birth you know! lol  I was also thinking maby im just worried that something will go wrong that im thinking imy son moved around more then when i was pregnant with him! When he prob didnt! lol.. now here i am babbling! haha Then i think what if my epi went in wrong at birth last time and it screwed up some type of nerves or something and i wont be able to feel my baby as much!! My epi never took so im nervous about that!! AAm i just thinking too much into it! haha
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If when your fiancee tries feeling the baby it stops moving trylayingwith your stomach on his back or stomach to stomach, so there no change in  movement, but he can still feel!! in my experience it usually work also have it dark, the baby can notice changes in light since its lighter in your stomach when not covered by a hand and then the hand leaves a shadow of sorts.
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thanks for the advice, I'll try it tonight, hopefully it works, cause I really want him to feel it with me!!!!!!
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