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2ww/1ww..july"09" awaiting results(p3)

im back lol...im just wondering who is in the 2ww or even 1ww til af is due..im guessing i will get af on the 18.. i guess because my cycled changed last month..but i dont have any serious symptoms.. i have been a lil bloated but i have also been pigging out.  so whats going on wit u ladies????????
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To: ne1 who have an answer
when u where preggo if ever did the sides of ur boobs grow.. it looks like mine cant grow any further out so they are feeling in towards underneath my arm.. could just be a new af sign for me.. and i have 3 green stretch marks under each breast.. like where ur wired bra sets its cup hold. and lots of green veins headed toward my nipples.

idk whats going on.. my period has not started yet. also my boobs dont really hurt they are just heavy and my nippels hurt if i push them.., butlike i said dis cold all be a sign for af
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im pretty much the same as you right now,. we both had our last AF on june 18th. im just waiting for it. i have the cramps, lower bachache, tired, and hungry. my boobs dont hurt at all though. and that is odd for me. usually that is the first thing i notice, about 5-6 days prior to AF. It ***** that the symptoms for pregnancy are so similar to AF.
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i dont know why i got bleeped.. i didnt say anything near a swear word... thats odd
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i feel like i have all af signs.. but nothing yet. i guess we can thank eve for her great choice she made.. my lwer stomach hurts like a dull ache and my lower nack.. if af is coming it needs to hurry
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Okay, befor I start posting on here. Can you please tell me what all the abrevations are. I dont understand them at all. All I know is TTC mean trying to concieve.

And my period is due sometimes this week. I have been TTC for about 3 months now. Its so sad every month when lady friend comes.  

But this month, things are a bit diffrent. My period was on june 23rd. According to my chart, it said to TTC between July 4th and the 9th. I did it the 4th, 6th, and the 8th.  about 4-5 day after TTC, I had these cramps. Almost like period cramps. They kind of hurt. They lasted a few days, and then stoped. Then yesturday, I noticed I had cramps, thought maybe my period was coming early. But no period. and my breast hurt. They feel like I have weights on them. They are not sore to touch, just hurt.

I hate all this.  I am just so confused, and to worried.  I need to just ralax and take it one day at a time..

Baby dust everyone.
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Still not going to TTC until Nov/Dec, but just wanted to wish you ladies the best of luck!!!
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Hello all,

Im in the 2WW. Due AF on 28th so fingers crossed-no symptoms to report as of yet!

We lost our babies back in March at 21 weeks-this is our first try since. We know there looking out for us so we are sitting patiently & when it is meant to be it will happen.

Lots of baby dust for us all

Take care

xx Freya xx
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WELCOME..u can try to get some test and do hpts early morning.or u can go to the dr..not to say ur not preggo..but we all feel preggo every month.. thats just saying how badly we want this.so no need to feel shy or left out..

af(aunt flow)ur period...
im so sorry my mind went blank i cant think of anything else..i will explain them as the *** up to u just ask.


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Sounds promising. I took a opk this morning after a huge temp spike (check my tracker) and I got a total positive way more positive than the test line. I think I am going to do this a few more days (dpo12 now) until dpo 14.... we'll have to wait and see...
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Ok ladies, so when is the right time to test, the earliest i Ovulated was the 8th and the latest i think was the 10th. But it was most likely 8th or 9th. If you do not know ny story it is in part two of this forum. I have been off Bc since May and do not get a period when i on it. As soon as i started to come off it i had a chemical preg, and now it is the end of july and still no period, but i took a opk to see when i was ovulating, so when do i test, since i can't be sure my AF will come!!??
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i would test if i where u..it may be alil early for a bfp.. but no harm in trying.. or u can give it another week..i hope u geta bfp..
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yeah well i have already tested a million times cause im silly like that, i didn't test today though. Getting annoyed, so i was just wonder 2 weeks is the right amount of time, or could it still be neg and considered too early by the 2 week mark, like what is the rule of thumb since i do not get a period. How long should i wait, and be pretty sure im not preg.
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yeah i eoul say its way to early...only if ur carrying twins i would think u get those results now.i would just wait til af is due and retest..or keep using opks
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i do not get my period because of BC i was on, so im not sure when to test, i do not know if i will even get one or when i should
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oh yeah u did mention dat about af.well just test in a couple weeks or u can get a blood test in a week
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ok thanks
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oh ladies af is still a no show..
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Good I am glad none for you!
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ladies i am going to call it quits for this cycle. i have not gotten af but im like 100% she is cumin today or tomorrow.. i will let u guys know the minute she cums but im out..i just got in this depressing mood and im just fed up wit this whole thing..i will get back to u guys lata
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So would be good to GTK you ladies-Hopefully we are all gonna be bump buddies :)

Hi all, Im Freya, 26 Married to Oliver, 28 from London UK-TTC for 4 years now we finally got our BFP in Dec 08-at the 8 week scan we found we were blessed with triplets-In March 09 I gave birth to 3 beautiful babies 2 girls Isabella-Grace & Amelie-Hope 1 Boy Theo James. They soon got there angel wings.
We are just starting to go forward & have decided to start TTC again-Wish us luck girls :)

I wish everyone tons of baby dust & loads of luck & love!

As I said on my previous post am currently in the TTW-Just hope this is the month for us hunnies <3 <3 <3

Take care all & stay positive

xx Freya xx
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welcome sweets..sorry about ur lost...they where just to precious and god needed them more..i hope ur journey gets better and u concieve very soon.
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So my 2ww is at like a 8ww now.... I have not seen AF since May 22nd. Right now I am trying to find a doctor to get some serious help getting pregnant. But if I have not seen AF or a doctor by July 25th I think that I am going to test again. I have tested 2 time since May 22nd and both were BPN :( But... We will see!
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wow..well i wish u the best of luck...and i know it can be hard when u are not getting af..
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