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2ww AUGUST 2009.signs of af.or preggo?

-So, here we go again....well ladies last month was definitely shooting sparks..congrats to those ladies who has concieved...
-For us who hasnt..lets see who will follow us this month..and who will NOT be able to blog next month..happy ttc..

-new ladies welcome to our journey...everyone feel free to state any signs or symptoms up..rather preggo or not..this is away too look back and remember what ur body was going through

-(myself..cramps on sunday.headache on monday for atleast 7 hrs..and very lite cramps in lower back and stomcah tuesday)13 days til af>>>
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I am sitting here on CD28 awaiting the dreaded AF visit.  Normally would of started already this morning. So far nothing..cept slightly crampy and nauseated.
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i feel ur pain..at this point this tells it all.but like i tell other ladies u can bleed while pregnan..so dont count urself out til ur 100% but i hope she doesnt show 4 u
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I'm on CD 26.  I don't know what I feel.  I'm so tired of ttc.  I know it'll happen when it happens but geesh...how long do I have to wait?  I'm sorry ladies...just a little moody.  My mom is getting on my nerves telling everyone oh we should have a baby by next year....I'm just like COME ON ALREADY.....I can hear you...I don't know.  I am hoping for the best to you ladies!!!!!  
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Nothing yet. I have about 13 days until it starts. So I guess we will wait and see...
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Aww sweetie. I really hope u get ur bfp soon. Im sorry to hear things are taking a long time for u. And im sorry your mom is doing that.

Thats why when DH and I decided to start TTC, we didnt tell anyone in our familys..lol

Baby Dust to u all!!
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this is our first month TTC...i had my AF starting 16th July....BD on 24th and 26th...had cramping and spotting on 30th July...cramping stayed for 12 hrs but spotting was there for 2 days....waiting for next AF...hope she doesn't show up:)
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My mom doesn't know we're actively trying.  She just knows that I want a baby.  She knows that I've been through a lot and deserve it.  I just wish she wouldn't do it right where I could hear it.  At least now I know she's on my side though verses before I was scared to tell her.

It'll happen...it's been 3 years in May of 2010.  We know I can get pregnant there's nothing wrong with that end.  I just have very low B6 B12 and Folic Acid Levels so that's why I keep having miscarriages.  We've had two in the last year so it'll happen.....in God's time.
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Hello ladies!  Well i have about 5 more days till my next period.  My last was 7/10/09 which is crazy bc i had just had my period 6/17/09.  I have a 31-32 day cycle, so i actually came on 8 days early. I know they say IB is only suppose to be a spot or just pink or brown discharge, but when i bled it was watery red blood for about 5 days.  It was normal but the last 2 days of it was very very light and spotting. In the last 3 weeks, i've been constipated on and off, diarrhea on and off, i threw up yesterday morning, so im confused bc now i feel a lil more CM the closer i get to AF.  Its so nerve racking wait for AF not come on!
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Im sitting here on CD29 and still no AF :)
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Thats good news if no AF yet. Im on CD16. so i will be entering the 2ww .
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Im on CD20.  I ov on sun but unfortunately my fiance and i didnt BD all weekend I missed it by a day.  So 2ww now then try again next month.  
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cd 18 for me, i still feel as if i ovulated very early in my cycle, but hard to tell for sure because i dont chart. Af is due Aug 16. long way to go. Very hopeful cause I BD all i could.
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CD21 for me.......waiting......
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I hate the pressure!

I always thought that i would surprise my family with a big fat 'i'm pregnant'! But it just seems that since we got married it's all they talk about. They don't know we're trying either, but i don't want them to know, because i feel like so far we're failing, and the more people i tell, the more pressure there is. Does that make sense?

They say that stress makes it harder and i'm really trying to stay calm and relaxed about it all but GOD why won't they just let us get on with it?!
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im glad to see u guys posting,but not happy do hear the sad news,,i wish you all the best..and we all will concieve its only a matter of time...

--im going to check my oculation calendar.because today when i woke up i had lotion like cm,now i have clear stretchy cm..im thinking i ovulated later than i thought idk..its weird.my calendar said i ovulated last week..and i even felt the cramps of it..12 days til af..
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Hey, i still have not fig out the while CD thing or what it even means, i jsut chart when i ovulate threw the chart the other way but every time i click on cd tracker ticker what ever, i dont get anywhere. But anyway,i should ovualte around the 7th. so good luck to all.

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I'm still hanging in here at CD 27.  If she comes it'll be in the next 3 days I think.  Don't know what I'm feeling still.  I'm crampy but not AF crampy.  Just really tired.  I haven't been taking my medication like I'm suppose to.  Ahh...we'll see.  Good luck ladies......

jlankford....when you testing?
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Hey girl , CD = Cycle day. so Cd 1 or cycle day 1 would be the first day of your period and you count on till your next period and then start all over...
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my ovulation calendar says my fertil days was july 30 til aug.5 but my what i guess is like my window of oppurtunity was from the 3rd til the 5th..

--does anyone know if ovulation makes u fatigue..im very tired..but a lil food in my stomach makes me feel a  lil better,,
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OMG, faith..

   I was so sick a few days back. I know it was because of ovulation. Cause my had that clear white stuff coming out. But I felt like I had the flu. And I get so tired. So I am right there with you.
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I had amiscarriage over 7weeks ago and still no period I have frequent urination, headaches , cramping and  just have been so tired lately. I took PREGANCy test which had a very faint line but at the doctors office their urine test was negative what could be wrong.
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I'm now on CD21 due af in 7-11 days time i know i'm not pregnant as we never tried enough and when we did the OPK was negative though i'm hoping a miracle can say i caught it.

My partner goes in next tuesday for his second sperm analysis and i am so scared there may be something wrong especially since we never heard anything about his first results.  We should find out if there is a problem roundabout the 18th August just in time for AF to arrive.  keeping my fingers crossed.  Best of luck to everyone in the 2WW and i hope we all get our BFP's!!
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angel----i know im so sick of dat feeling.. they should say women have 2 cycles..one with blood and 1 without..i mean our bodies never have freedom.

lovely---maybe u should get blood work..or maybe ur body hasnt gone back to being itself.

gillian--dont give up yet hunny..u may ovulate late.. and we still have next month
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There is always next month!
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